Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little punkins and some photography notes

Rich and I both come from non-pumpkin carving families. Now that I have kids, I can understand why. Our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch adventure are too small for carving so we decided to allow the girls to draw faces on their pumpkins. With a sharpie.




Anna drew a little person on the bottom of her baby pumpkin and then said that it was me!



Rich did pick up a larger pumpkin later at the grocery store, which was significantly cheaper than purchasing it at the farm, by the way We have tentative plans to carve that one up.

Complete change of subject. I wanted to mention that the photos posted last night of the girls sleeping were taken with available light only. No Speedlight. There was a lamp on in Allie's room and an overhead light in the other two rooms. I obviously had to bump up the ISO, which caused some grain, but what a huge difference between the D7000 and my old D50. Huge.

(Copying my photos is a violation of copyright laws, which is a federal offense. You do not have my permission to copy my photos or my writings.)


Cindy said...

I had my girls draw faces on their little pumpkins too but I gave them regular markers because permanent anything and my girls don't mix. It was pointless though because the marker smeared all over them anyway.

Did you get the ink off of Anna's bottom lip and if so, how? That picture made me giggle. That and Allie's tongue sticking out.(I really think it's Allie and not Emily) And Emily looks so satisfied.

I love these shots.

Also, as for the watermarking, I had to go in and search on the pictures for it, then I realized it is right across your girls. Funny, I never notice it because your girls always shine right through it. So sorry that happened to you.

Sarah said...

Cindy - that's chocolate - LOL. I would have been freaked out if she had drawn on her face!

That's funny that you didn't notice the watermarking.

Anonymous said...

The girls are such cuties. I can't stand it! :)

I had to go back and look for the watermarking too.