Monday, September 5, 2011

North Conway Day 1: Making Fun

I did not sleep well in New Hampshire. Maybe it was anxiety related to the storm or vacationing with four year old triplets. Emily and I shared a large bed and she slept soundly. I hovered in a light sleep, flickering awake throughout the night.

I could hear the rain and wind each time I rose to awareness and when we awoke Monday morning, Allie told me that it was still raining. Per Grammy. I stepped out onto the deck where blue sky was appearing in streaks between the remaining storm clouds.


Because we had power and the storm was clearly finished, we prepared for a day at Story Land. Emily became quite interested with a map/brochure that we had picked up the day before and had spent a good deal of time planning out the day's activities.


We were greeted in the Story Land parking lot by an employee who informed us that they would not be opening. A quick call to Santa's Village confirmed that they were closed for the day as well. The girls began to cry. "Don't worry. I promise you that we'll have fun today." This is what Rich and I kept repeating. "It will be a fun day."

Flooding was the only sign of storm damage visible to us. Several roads had to be closed and this river was quite swollen. It had been raging on Sunday but by the time I took this photo on Monday morning, it had receded a bit.


Our first order of fun was a stop at the playground. Give my kids a playground and they will be happy.





Pizza for lunch.


And then it was time to shop. Oh. My. Goodness. That was insanity. My children are mini fashionistas. Born to shop. I never expected this to happen so soon. They ran around the stores grabbing and pointing. They were excited about clothes! True girly girls.

I had left my wallet at the chalet as I was trying to reduce any unnecessary weight in my bag for Story Land. This left Rich to accompany us to all the stores and pay for our purchases. When Rich reached his limit, we decided to take the girls on the scenic train ride.



The girls were tuckered out by that point. We knew that the train ride wouldn't exactly be pure excitement but it was different enough to hold their attention.


That mostly ended our day of fun. We returned to the chalet for dinner and a fashion show. As a mother, there is nothing more fun than a four year old fashion show.


Alice said...

these pictures are fantastic! you really captured a 4 year old at play!

Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

such gorgeous pictures in this post!