Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pajama fashion show

Minor pause in my vacation posts. Well, this did happen on vacation.

The girls shopped in three stores: The Children's Place, OshKosh and Gymboree. After the first store, I learned my lesson and asked the cashier for three separate bags. The girls were very clear in stating that they wanted their OWN clothes in their OWN bags. I dislike over-analysis of matters that do not require analysis so I'll just say it once. I think this is about more than just clothes. There appears to be a bit of "I am my own person" going on.

When we arrived back at the chalet Monday evening, the girls insisted on bringing their clothes into the house. Emily spent the most time spreading out her clothes and looking through each item. At one point, she was pretending to take video of her clothes with her Dora video camera (100% toy). She told us that she was making a movie for her cousin, Jen.

The majority of the girls' cooler weather pajamas are size 2T (and even 24 months). There are a few 3T items that will be wearable this winter but not enough to make it through a week so pajamas (inexpensive!) have been on the mental shopping list of items needed for the girls. They each picked out a pair at TCP and then insisted on wearing them to bed that night.

First up is Emily wearing adorable monkey pajamas.




Anna Banana with her dots. (Anna was in a bit of a mood that evening and although she looks incredibly happy here, it did not last long.)


And Allie. I have no idea where she is getting these poses. It is some variation of dance and gymnastics. I think.



Allie and Emily modeled most of their school clothes for me as well. I will be posting those later. Maybe I'll do a mini fashion for preschoolers week.



Katie said...

I love it when you post pictures of Rich with the girls. He seems so sweet with them. You just have a beautiful family!


replicca said...

I would love for you to do that fashion post!

Cindy said...

Loving these shots. I like the tattoo on Emily's foot. Do a fashion show post. Those are fun.

Alice said...

What's cuter than little kids in pajamas? Nothing