Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. We certainly are. I sometimes wish I had the ability to blog contemporaneously. Maybe readers would find that more interesting than reading about events that occurred a week ago but if I had that ability then I probably wouldn't be living the life that I'm living and I would rather have that. So let's go back to last Sunday and the onset of Tropical Irene in New England.

Anna and Emily were awake before 6:30 that morning. I flicked on the television set in my bedroom to determine that status of Irene. I had heard the winds blow in earlier that morning and was hoping for confirmation that we would be able to drive to New Hampshire. Rich and I briefly conferred and agreed to hit the road as soon as possible. To get out before the onslaught of the storm.

As you can imagine, there was absolutely NO traffic to slow us down.




The girls, especially Allie and Emily, have a minor obsession with rest areas. Perhaps they just like the freedom from their car seats. Emily calls it a resting place instead of a rest area. "When are we going to be at the resting place?"


Despite the rain, we arrived in North Conway shortly after 11:00. Three hours after we pulled out of our driveway. Although the rain had been somewhat heavy here and there, about twenty minutes before North Conway, we hit torrential downpours.



We decided to stop for lunch before unpacking our clothes, toys, food and supplies at the chalet. Although I dislike feeding fast food to the girls, Rich and I believe that it is okay in moderation. We are both normal weights and live a somewhat healthy lifestyle so we are of the opinion that fast food here and there is not the devil. Plus McDonald's had an indoor play place. It was nice when we first arrived because there were only three other kids in the play area. After we finished eating, it was another story. I think anyone and everyone with kids stopped there for lunch (or just to play in some cases).

And this may be because I am a helicopter parent but why are there so many parents out there who don't parent? Kids are not going to learn to wait their turn or to not push other kids unless you, the parent, tell them not to. Gah! I actually did yell into the tunnel at one boy. "NO! YOU need to wait your turn. PLEASE."

After unpacking at the chalet and relaxing for a bit, we decided to drive to the outlet mall, which is about ten minutes or so away. We had watched the weather forecast and it appeared that the downpours were subsiding. I should have mentioned that my brother-in-law informed us on Saturday that Story Land would be closed Sunday, re-opening Monday if they had power.

This fall will be the first big season change where I do not have a bag of clothes purchased the year before stored away for the girls. There are some outfits that I purchased with Gymbucks and they do have some dresses and shirts that still fit but they need clothes, which was one of the reasons for the shopping excursion to the outlets.

One problem. The outlets were closed.

So we ended up at Walmart, which unfortunately was fairly small. The girls each picked out a Hello Kitty hoodie. Grammy and I made an attempt at browsing the fabric section but the girls were just too worked up. They were mad that they couldn't shop for clothes and didn't understand that there wasn't much of a selection since a majority of the clothes in the store were summer items.

It was a chilly night so Rich made use of the fireplace and we spent the rest of the evening at the chalet hoping for sunny skies come morning.







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Meghan said...

Love Storyland and North Conway! Can't wait to hear about your adventure.

Ginny Bell said...

Glad to know you made it through Irene all right. Living on the Texas Gulf Coast, we stare down our share of hurricanes. After over 30 years here, we can say we lived to tell.

Your children are beautiful. Glad to know you are training them right, even if they encountered kids who are not.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you dared go out on Sunday? We were scared into a corner of our house by the media and by the stories of people getting killed by falling trees south of us.
We ended up getting nothing more than just heavy rain and wind, but we did get a bunch of toppled tress, smashed cars, etc. There would've been casualties if more people were out and about.
Glad you were all safe!

I'm a similar type of blogger as you. I am just blogging our summer adventures of 2-3 weeks ago. Rushing to finish up before the first day of school post!

Sarah said...

GAMZu - we debated and b/c we left early enough, the worst of the wind had not yet happened. North of Boston into NH and Vermont had a ton of flooding, which can be scary.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

gshrader said...

Used to go up to North Conway and to Attitash for skiing every year when I was a kid! Loved the outlet shopping!!!
Oh and I'll take your stories a week late, a month late, doesn't matter! love hearing about your family! Thanks for sharing

ctmommyx3 said...

We also love North Conway area. sorry things started out rough with the storm. around where we are in CT/MA line the storm itself did not do much damage around here and we could have been out had everything not been closed! we lost power from Sunday morning till late Friday night! can't wait to hear the rest of the story