Friday, September 2, 2011

How a four year old packs for vacation

Saturday morning brought grey, windless skies and rain. Rain that fell straight from the skies. It was such an eerie day. The true calm before the storm. The girls were awake well before seven o'clock so I decided to take advantage of the time and began laundry and cleaning before packing.

Rich and I tend to split packing duties. I pack the girls' clothes and shoes while Rich handles the food and van entertainment. For this trip, he also packed the sheets, blankets and towels. I cannot imagine having to pack all of that by myself.

My attempts at cleaning are usually failures in that I am interrupted so many times, I usually just give up. However, on this particular morning, time seemed to stand still and I was able to clean and clean and clean and finish about 17 loads of laundry. (Sadly, there were still 17 more loads waiting.)

I also had time to spend with the girls.

Emily proudly showed off her new drawings.


That's everyone waiting to go into school. She's the one at the very end with a back pony hairstyle.


Sure, Anna. I'll take a picture of you!


More drawings from Emily.


Quietly watching television from Mommy's bed.


Are these coming back into style?


I helped Allie practice her cartwheels.


Dress up!


Piling animals onto Mommy's bed.


And making smooshy faces.


When I walked inside the house Friday night, I found some bags sitting by the door. Grammy informed me that Emily had packed.


I looked through the bags and wondered if she had simply thrown a bunch of toys into the bags. Nope. She actually put thought into what items she packed. For example, I was told that Little Lion likes milk in the morning so she made sure to bring his bottle.

Throughout the day on Saturday, Emily kept adding to the pile. And I photographed it.






I think it's safe to say that Anna and Emily are opposites in the packing department. Here's Anna with her necessities.



Brittany Hoggard said...

Love this post! Your girls are too cute!

PS- I pack like Emily :)

Anonymous said...

The packing cracks me up!

Samantha said...

That last pic of Anna is absolutely gorgeous!

Nitzalie said...

love it :) your girls are adorable! how they've grown!! (i think I've been following for quite some time now)..
this post made me laugh, A LOT, thanks;)

Alice said...

anna is such a cutie! love that last pic!

Rose Grace said...

Haha Emily's packing is hilarious ! It reminds me of my own.

It looks like you have a full happy house, and your girl's are just beautiful x

B. said...

Your girls are gorgeous. Your photographs are stunning. And I'm loving reading your blog.

Sarah said...

Thank you!!! :)

Beth said...


Cindy said...

Oh the packing portion is so funny. I love the differences in the girls style.
One of my daughters packed a bag to bring with us (when we lost power from the storm we retreated to nana's house b/c we had no water or electric). She called it her "Keep Out Bag". It was full of squishy alphabet letters. That's it. I don't know why it was a "Keep Out Bag" I guess she didn't want her sisters to touch it. Weird.