Thursday, September 1, 2011

The calm before

My brother-in-law owns a chalet on a New Hampshire mountain near Story Land. After our successful and enjoyable (albeit a bit wet and chilly) vacation last year, we planned to visit again this summer. A bit of plotting and research went into determining when Story Land and Santa's Village would most likely have the lowest crowds and then we had to schedule around our Michigan vacation, school schedules and house availability.

So the stars aligned and our plan was to drive up to New Hampshire on Sunday morning, unpack and then head to Story Land at 3:00 at which time our tickets would also be valid for admission on Monday. Grammy emailed me Tuesday before our vacation to say that was predicting rain. I said, "Good. That means that it won't be raining because they are always wrong. Remember last year?"

And then Hurricane Irene entered the picture. Hurricane Irene was supposed to hit our area on Sunday just in time for our departure for NH. Being from New England though, we know that many times, hurricanes fizzle out to not much more than a big rain storm by the time they reach us. We were left with our plans up in the air and at the mercy of Irene. Only time would tell what our fate would be.

Friday night, the girls played outside while Rich and I thought about packing.


The girls were so looking forward to this vacation and I did not want to disappoint them. Four year olds don't understand what a hurricane is.


And yes, sometimes they play outside while wearing pajamas. That's an issue I don't feel worthy of battle.


**To be continued**

I want to add that when I wrote my post last night, I had no idea that so many people were still without power! We were without the internet for four days (and our phones aren't smart) and only turned on the television to entertain/babysit the girls. It's a bit like being in your own bubble. Or living like it's 1991.


Merks said...

LOL glad to know I'm not alone with the fashion choices:

And I love those red boots!

Kate said...

As long as they put on real clothes to go to school you're good. I saw the high school girl who lives next door head off to her first day of school in plaid pajama pants and a mens undershirt the other day and just cringed.

Cindy said...

Yay! You're posting your vacation!

Now as for playing outside in pj's all I have to say least your girls are wearing clothes. I let mine play in pj's outside all the time because my 3 y/os are fond of stripping naked and streaking. Because they know it makes me nuts. Their new response to me yelling "GIRLS!!!!" is "Yes, Momma, we go put on pants because the neighbors don't wanna see our coolies."

Alice said...

there is something about those red cowboy boots that brings so much joy to every picture they are in :)

ctmommyx3 said...

We just got power back on an hour ago. I was more than happy to find our cable and internet were on also. way too long without power! There is a radio stationWXLO out of Worcester that offers half off deals. each summer they do Storyland and santa's village tickets for half off. I think you can only get 2 offers but would save the price of 2 admissions! if you go back check it out once summer starts. they have certain dates listed for when they will be on sale