Monday, July 25, 2011

Why I can't get anything done

I had quite a bit on my to-do list last weekend but as usual, not much was completed. Rich needed to go into the office on Sunday, which meant that I would be on my own with the girls. He decided to go after swim lessons and lunch, which meant that I wouldn't be able to run after the girls went to bed that night so I headed out at 8:30 that morning.

I am not a morning runner and it was already at least 80 degrees and humid. I almost made it three miles but had to stop because I was so completely drained. My watch was at 30 minutes and I needed another minute, minute and a half to finish the three miles but I just couldn't pull it out of me.

Swim lessons went well. The girls are definitely more comfortable in the water but still have a long way to go before they will be swimming on their own. I do have to say that we lucked out in that it has almost been like having a private lesson. Two weeks ago, not many kids showed up for the other class so one of the instructors came over to our class and we had two instructors for four kids and last week, the other little girl in their class didn't show up so my girls had the instructor all to themselves.

At the end of class, they took turns jumping into the pool. The instructor did let them go completely underwater for the first jump, which Allie and Anna weren't too thrilled with. Em jumped in all by herself (no hand holding). She just loved it and kept wanting to jump in. (I need to bring my camera before the lessons end.)

We returned home for lunch and then the girls and I headed off to do some shopping while Rich set off for work. Because they have been doing so well with swim lessons, I treated (or spoiled) them to some toys from the Disney store. I have to tell you that having three four year olds on foot at the mall is sooooo sloooooow going. It took us almost an hour to just go to the Disney store and then pick up some overpriced (but delicious) cookies for a snack.

I needed to purchase some thinner ribbon for the second Rapunzel dress. (I am going to try something different with the top on this one.) I had a bunch of Jo-Ann coupons burning a hole in my pocket so off to Jo-Ann we went. Whenever I have coupons, I try to pick up items like ric-rak and eyelet lace to have on hand at home. The girls were fairly well behaved but Allie has started saying what could be slightly embarassing statements very loudly in public.

For example, I was trying to push the shopping cart into a small aisle and there was a woman in the way. I actually couldn't get the cart into the aisle because of a pole but Allie thought it was because of the woman so she yelled out, "Mommy, we can't get in there because that lady is in our way." She did that more than once. I feel like a circus side show shopping in there. Here I am trying to push one of those tiny shopping carts crammed with two (and sometimes three) kids. Em, who was sitting in the actual seat, had bolts of fabric piled in front of her. One woman actually did get out of my way. She told me that her kids were at home so she completed understood and then she skittered out of the aisle.

After Jo-Ann, we returned home just in time for me to whip up some dinner for the girls. They had been begging me all day to bring them to the playground at the elementary school. This was a new treat for them. Rich happened to stop by there the day before with them to check it out. The sign states that it is appropriate for 5 to 12 year olds. Allie and Em did fairly well on most of the big play structure. They knew what to avoid. Anna needed a lot of help. Rich only stayed for 10 minutes because it was HOT. When he returned home, Anna's little face and arms were bright red, courtesy of her medication.

I told them that we would go back after dinner when it was cooler and not full sun. It turns out that this is the best time as the playground is mostly in the shade with the low sun. We were the only ones there and although it is fenced it, I was concerned with someone appearing without me knowing. I couldn't keep my eyes on all three at once and I had to really watch and assist Anna so I told the girls that if they saw someone come into the playground, to let me know.

It was almost time for us to leave when a woman entered the playground pushing her two year old in a jogging stroller. I had actually watched her running down the street. Allie starts yelling, "Mommy, someone else is here. See that lady with the little boy." And then a guy showed up with his two sons. "Look, Mommy. There's a big boy and a little boy."

At least I wasn't with them when she yelled out, "Look at that lady. She's really old." Grammy had to deal with that one.

We returned home a bit later than I wanted to and after giving them all a bath and the whole bedtime routine, I was wiped out. Did any of my laundry get done? Nope. Did I get any packing done? Nope. Packing? Yes, packing. A vacation is coming.....

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Cassidy said...

I'd say you got the most important things done...just being with your girls. :) And that is most important thing to get done.

Sophie Slim said...

Everything I was going to say in this comment Cassidy has already covered... But I will also add that you are such a strong Mum :)

Dale said...

Children repeat what they have heard - appropriate or not ! Hopefully spending time with your girls was the most important thing. There will be plenty of time to do laundry and pack !