Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So here I am on vacation. Vacationing and blogging don't really work well together for me. I am not a contemporaneous blogger (especially while away) and so I prefer to set up posts in advance to publish in my absence. Unfortunately before this vacation, I had absolutely no time in which to do so.

I do want to share some random photos that never made it into posts. Here's a super cute one of Em and Rich.


For this one, the girls (two of them) were pretending to play 'mommy & baby' which is why they were cuddling while watching tv. I would ask if you can guess who is who but I think this one is fairly easy.


I'll be back soon.


TanyaMom23 said...

Okay I am guessing Allie is on the left Emily is in pink on the right? Funny because I think my 2yo identical girls look VERY different (probably because they're mine) and lately everyone is having a tough time telling them apart. I usually feel confident trying to tell your girls apart in pics, but I thought this one was tough.

Twins' proud godmother said...

I know that's Em & Allie cause I can telle appart Anna easily, but with these two it's harder ! I an guessing Em on the left and Allie on the right ?

Hope's Mama said...

I've read here for so long and looked at so many photos of your girls and I STILL have no idea! I'm going to opt out of this one, so I don't embarrass myself!

ShawnaMFB said...

I'm guessing Emily is on the right (she's in her PJ's :)) and Allie is on the left. I've been reading your blog for a couple years now and I love the way you write and your family is beautiful!