Saturday, July 23, 2011

99 lives

Shortly after he joined our family, I gave up trying to keep track of teeny tiny Pascal. I swear that he has 99 lives though. He'll be MIA for a week and then suddenly reappear in his home, a green decorative bowl in our fireplace which allows him to hide with his chameleon tricks.


Disney has been sold out of the plushy Pascals for months and months and months now and I clearly refuse to pay $50 for one. I ended up bringing the girls to the Disney store last weekend. We browsed the plushy section and I didn't see any Pascals. As we walked away, Allie announced, "I saw a Pascal plushy." WHAT? WHERE? Sure enough, there was one left and being a chameleon, he was hiding amongst some other green plushies. I snatched him up and he now lives with us. As you can imagine, he's much easier to find!



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If you need two more - check on

I love reading your stories of the girls - thanks Sarah!

Tracey's Life said...

one more place too