Saturday, May 14, 2011

You look like a monkey

and you smell like one too.

I will deny ever teaching my children to sing Happy Birthday with these lyrics. It wasn't me.

Rich celebrated his 29th birthday this week. Isn't 29 such a great age? Rich and I should know. We've been 29 for many, many, many years now. MANY.

We sang Happy Birthday to Rich that night before the girls had to go to bed so that they could enjoy a piece of ice cream cake for their dessert.

Sometimes the girls are hyper at night. HYPER. (And this was before dessert.) This was one of those nights. I did capture these adorable pictures of them singing to Rich and giving loves.







And what about Anna?


Anna just wanted her piece of cake. But I have this wonderful shot from Mother's Day.


You may have noticed that sometimes I can trick the girls into wearing normal outfits. Sometimes. I wanted a picture of the normal outfits as proof.


Can you feel their energy in that picture? I have to say that wrangling three four year olds who are crazy at bedtime is absolutely exhausting.

Em's dress is pink and white striped with little puppies on it. She had worn it to school and that night said, "One of the teachers said that my dress looked like a hospital dress." She seemed indifferent to the comment but I couldn't figure out what 'hospital dress' meant until Grammy said, "Candy striper!" That is now the Candy Striper Puppy Dress.

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Alice said...

omg i could FEEL the craziness! the second shot of emily is precious! happy 29th!

hsw said...

Happily voting every day, happy birthday to your husband! You can really feel the happiness of the girls through your photos. My 2.5 year old daughter wanted boots the other day but I didn't buy them because I was thinking about how your girls always ask to wear theirs and I am not ready for that yet! Especially here in vegas where it is heating up.