Sunday, May 15, 2011

And this is why.

I am 100% completely wiped out exhausted. We just had a crazy, busy, fun weekend. It all began late yesterday morning when we headed out to attend a First Communion for the daughter of family friends. My girls are also friends with their girls and love hanging out with them.

The girls were very well behaved during mass. Allie imitated everything that Rich did, Anna just kind of hung out and Em alternated between having me hold her and trying to use the pew as a napping location. The people behind us giggled at that one.

I was actually surprised by the number of twins?/triplets? comments we heard at church. It's funny because I've come to realize that people really don't expect the girls to be triplets so they try to convince themselves that the girls are really twins and a singleton. I only say this because when I tell them that the girls really are triplets, they go through the list of why they thought they weren't.

Okay, so I tried to have Rich take pictures of me with the girls immediately before we left for church. Which means that we had about three minutes. Before I handed the camera over to Rich, I set the ISO to 200 and the aperture to 5. I also acted like I was taking a picture to meter to the correct shutter speed.


Poor Rich. Do you know what it is like for him to take pictures for me? This is what I'm saying as he's taking the pictures. "Meter! Don't forgot to meter. Are you metering? Are our entire bodies in the frame? Don't cut off feet. Did you check the meter again?"

Yesterday morning was actually the perfect weather for outdoor photographs. It was overcast but bright. I would have cropped the above photo but I'm doing some sort of odd eye squint with one eye. I should have worn sunglasses.

What you can't see in the photographs because of the grass are my four inch wedge heel sandals. I had to wear them because it was either that or flip flops. Now, I wear heels everyday at work but I knew that we were going to be outside for the after party and yards and heels don't mix. I need dressy summer flats. When do I have time to shop? WHEN?

So all I'm going to say is that women with four year old triplets (or young children) do not wear four inch wedge heels to backyard parties. Or if they do, they sit for most of the time and have their husbands chase after the kids. The girls are so much more independent but they still need help with the swings and Anna requires assistance climbing slide ladders. And then, we played t-ball (photos later.) I did take my shoes off a few times but my feet were just too cold to go shoeless.

My back was killing me last night. Oh, the pain was horrible. And my feet. Oh, the pain. I should have brought flip flops with me.

You will notice from the picture that all three of my children were dressed in "normal" outfits. That was a bit of a battle but I told them that they could not dress "fashion forward" for church. If you want your children to stand with you for photographs, tell them that Daddy is taking a picture of you alone and they can't be in the photograph. Works like a charm.

(Thanks, Rich, for putting up with your crazy photographer wife.)


Meg said...

I feel like a lunatic whenever I have my husband take pictures of us.

Hope your back feels better! I only carried two babies at once in my belly so I know exactly what that did to my back. I can't imagine what three did to yours. :)

Cindy said...

I love the posts and pictures from the last few days. The girls' energy is amazing. The clothes are hysterical. And the love is FLOWING!

Kelsey said...

I am a new reader and really enjoy your writing, especially your honesty. This post made me laugh because my husband is forever putting up with me "ordering him around" when he has the camera. Maybe this is why there are hardly any pictures with me in them...