Friday, May 13, 2011

Is it May or March?

We decided to visit Grammy and Papa last Sunday as part of our Mother's Day celebration. And of course, the girls insisted on choosing their own outfits.

Here's Anna.


Miraculously, they all agreed to wear those hoodies. I think the fact that I called them "fuzzies" instead of hoodies or sweatshirts helped. Don't ask me why.

And here's Em.


Yes, those are her pajamas. Yes, the shorts are on backwards. And yes, she wore those sunglasses and hat until we arrived at Grammy's house and then she took them off to play. In addition to her stance and expression, I just love how she is posing Puppy for this picture.

Allie took pictures of me and Em with her little toy camera.


I laugh hysterically everytime I look at this next picture. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be if Anna was in it. But alas, my little ones were being photo-difficult.


Don't you LOVE the outfits?

Just a cute picture of sweet Anna napping on the drive over to Grammy's.


It was quite chilly on Sunday. In the mid-50's, which is well below average for this time of the year. After lunch, we started preparing for a quick trip to the beach because, well, I had been promising the girls a trip to the beach. I thought that we could just walk around and the girls could play in the sand. You know - beach stuff.

I was smart enough to bring extra (warmer) clothes with us in case someone dove into the ocean. Because it was so chilly though, I told the girls that they had to change into {gasp!} pants before we could go. Em refused and said that she wasn't going. "Okay, you can just stay here with Papa." Ah, Papa was going to go with us? "Well, okay. Em, you can just stay in the van." (I obviously was NOT going to leave her alone in the van.)

As I was assisting Allie and Anna with their outfit changes, Em comes over to me and says, "Okay. I'll change." Score one for Mommy!

This is what the beach looked like.


It was probably 45 degrees down there and we were not dressed appropriately. After 10 minutes or so, we told the girls that we had to leave. They were not happy with that decision at all. I have promised them that the next, make that the FIRST, warm day we have, we will bring them back to go to the beach. As long as it is on the weekend. (They don't know about that disclaimer.)


We hope to return VERY soon!


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Tracy said...

When I 1st found your blog you had beach pictures posted of the girls which were "blow you mind" incredible and I continue to be mesmerized with the beach shots!!!!

mommytocutiepie said...

Oh my goodness. I am cracking up over Em's pictures! I love her expression! And I love their outfits. I think my little one is starting early. At 20 months old, she insisted that she wear her snowboots out to dinner today. At least, I got to dress the rest of her. But if she's so opinionated this young about her shoes, I can only imagine how opinionated she will be about her ensemble at age 4. Ha ha.

Swathi Vasanth said...

ohh !! U take lovely pictures!!I love ur gals ....Been following u for long time but never got a chance to comment...