Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few

I'm in the midst of sewing a princess dress (without a pattern) and I learned my first lesson tonight. I was using the same fabric for both the inside and the outside of the bodice and I realized after I sewed the inside and outside pieces together that the yellow from Snow White's dress on the inside piece made the front of the bodice look like it had a big nasty stain on it. Hello, seam ripper.

So my post tonight will not be all inclusive.

Here are some photos from Saturday's First Communion party.

During the first portion of the party, the girls basically played on the swing set. The boys were using the sporting equipment and you know that my girls want nothing to do with older boys so they stayed far, far away.



Emily as a baby.


Emily's new thing is pretending to be a baby. She says, "Goo ge, ga ge," in a really soft baby voice and cups her hands together (think princess waving) and moves her arms in slow motion.

The baby was able to attempt t-ball though.


And then it was Anna's turn.



If you look real close, you can see her mouth wide open in this next picture. I'm pretty sure she was yelling, "Hi-ya," or something to that effect.


And what about Allie? Oh, I have some great pictures of Allie. Tomorrow.

Back to seam ripping.


kdliberty said...

Good pictures. They are getting so big!
BTW, you just learned the hard way NEVER line with anything but solid colors..

Melissa said...

My favortie pictures so far!!

i was also sewing tonight, i stopped, early to bed!! :o) night and goodluck sewing!

twinsplus3 said...

hi i check your blog everyday but never comment. i just wanted to say that i added your circle of moms voting sign to my facebook page. you are an amazing mummy to your girls sarah ! we live in ireland by the way :)

Kelsey said...

It's definitely tee ball time of year!