Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My little T-ball player

I absolutely love these photos of Allie from Saturday. LOVE. We are a house of princesses so seeing my girls play T-ball was quite an experience. I couldn't believe how quickly Allie caught on.



This one is my absolute favorite. I've been referring to it as my Tiger Woods shot.



Look, she can even bat lefty!


I don't have any pictures but she was actually able to hit the ball without the T. Rich pitched the ball directly at her bat and she was able to swing and hit it. I was extremely impressed.

I want to thank everyone who has been voting for me. I really do appreciate your support. Voting ends on May 30th. I am currently in 3rd and hope to stay there.


Tracy said...

So ADORABLE!!! I just love her skirt!!! I'm voting for you daily!!!!

Sarah said...

Great pictures! I got that T-ball set for my daughter for christmas. So fun to see what they pick up!

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

What fun!!!

mommytocutiepie said...

Voting for you daily as well Sarah! And most of the time, from 2 computers so there's 2 votes each day. I'm so glad that Allie ha such a great time at tball. Yes, it's always good to mix things up a bit with a little princess and a little not so princess stuff.

Tracy said...

Sarah, THANKs for the support! I think part of being a Mom is "Mommy Guilt." Guilty working and not being home and being home but wanting to be at work...
I think it's just part of the job.

Oh, the pic, yes Addison is on our mantel. This is what happens when I start getting bored taking photos in the house.

Cindy said...

That shot of her with the hit ball coming at you is AMAZING. Keep encouraging them to play - it's great for their confidence and self-building.

BreezieGirl said...


Jayme said...

So cute, her hair looks so long and gorgeous here!