Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

So I'm about a week behind here with my posts. I'll have to see what I can do this week in terms of catching up. I wanted to post about Easter tonight though before it's gets lost in the mayhem. Before I get to Easter, here's a picture of Anna with her new haircut.


You can't see the back but I cut off about four inches or so. Her hair is so much thinner than Allie's and Em's and the ends really needed to be trimmed. I didn't make the bangs thick in case I decide to grow them out, which is what we did the last time I cut bangs. It looks really cute but I've decided that I like the girls with longer hair. Now that the ends are even, it can just grow out and not look so scraggly. I also discovered that if I blow dry their hair and straighten it with a brush as I'm drying it, it is much less stringy looking.

Okay, now it's time to talk about Easter. The original plan was for us to go to Rich's sister's house in the morning for a little visit and then head to Grammy and Papa's beach house for the afternoon. One of my brothers and his family was going to be there in the late afternoon and we were all going to have dinner together. Well, obviously those plans changed.

I had thought about having Easter here but that really wasn't looking too great. I worked all day yesterday and I wasn't sure if Grammy would be up for coming here. I really just want her to rest right now. We all decided to postpone Easter with the thought that we can all get together at some point over the next few weeks for a late Easter dinner.

We still needed to have Easter for the girls though and the Easter Bunny always shows up no matter what. Rich brought the girls grocery shopping yesterday while I was at work and then they dyed eggs. Unfortunately, we forgot to leave out a carrot for the Easter Bunny so he decided to nibble on one of the girls' eggs.


That was one of Allie's eggs and she was not happy at all.

The Easter Bunny hid eggs filled with candy around the house because it was too wet outside and even left a Minnie Mouse t-shirt for each of the girls. The girls thoroughly enjoyed searching for eggs and I was extremely happy to see sharing and absolutely no fighting at all.


I tried to catch up on laundry in the morning and then we all dressed to head over to Auntie Joan's house for a little visit. Now, I am admitting that I exerted little to no effort this year when it came to Easter outfits. We picked up those three "princess" Easter dresses at Target a few weeks ago on a whim. I figured that the girls could wear those to their Home Birthday Party and then again for Easter.

After reading that the forecast for today was calling for a high of 56, I kind of gave up on Easter outfits. I figured they could wear the dresses with a sweater but I hadn't even thought about shoes. Of course, today turned out to be beautiful. It was in the 70s! We were warm! We have been waiting so long for this.

Emily mentioned something earlier about wearing one of the princess dresses from the playroom. I completely ignored her. But when it came time to get dressed, she hadn't forgotten. I did not have any energy left in me to argue.

And so this is what the girls wore for Easter.


The girls' pink Gap clearance special dress shoes from last year only fit Anna now. Allie wore black patent leather shoes with her dress. And Em wore her pink fuzzy boots. {Sigh.}

I had about five minutes for a photo shoot. I supposed I need to manage my time better because it always seem like I only have five minutes for every photo shoot.


By the way, Emily told everyone that she was "Tangled."

Here's a cute one of Anna.


We had a nice visit at Auntie Joan's house. The girls are afraid of all dogs, even little ones held back by cousin Jen. I was a bit surprised to see Em do this.


And then we went to see Grammy and Papa. The girls knew that she had been sick and in the hospital. I think Anna was a bit freaked out that she hadn't see Grammy all week so we thought a quick visit would be good for everyone.


I only managed to get pictures of Grammy and Em. It was a nice visit. And a great Easter!



Meet the Brummett's said...

The girls looked adorable in their Easter/princess outfits! I love it! And Ann's hair looks precious :) Hope you all continue to get the pretty weather and stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

They look soooo sweet in their dresses. :) :)

Cindy said...

Happy Easter! I love Anna's bangs. It really suits her. Love the Easter pics with the pretty dresses and Emily looks precious. And it's really good to see Grammy up and active. Continued wishes for her recovery.

Jennifer said...

the pictures are too cute as always!!! I'm glad Grammy is feeling better!

Charlotte said...

The new Anna hair style is so cute.
that would be more cute with short hair long to shoulder for example.

What do you think?

Hope's Mama said...

Your girls are the prettiest princesses!

Wendy said...

Anna's hair looks so cute!! Em's princess dress is amazing, where did you find that? Molly and Lil are tearing through their Rapunzel dresses.