Monday, February 7, 2011

Updatius Maximus

A lot of things have occurred over the past few weeks that I want to post about so I figured I would just throw them all in here. It will be a smorgasbord type of post.

We brought the girls to see Tangled a few weekends ago. This was their first movie theater experience and they did very well. We arrived a bit early so I did hear, "It sure is taking a long time for the Tangled show to start." It is show, by the way, not a movie. They sat and watched the entire movie, which was on the long side, without making a peep. Except for requesting a snack. Of course.

When the movie ended, Allie looked at me with big eyes and said, "I want to be Tangled [at the end of the movie.]" I had to replace what she really said so that I don't give away the end of the movie for those of you who have not seen it yet. A bit later, she said, "Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a princess." Good luck with that, Sweetie!

I should add that the girl in the movie is named Tangled, according to the girls. If I call her Rapunzel, they yell, "No, her name is Tangled." Okay, okay.

We have been having issues with our hot water tank and the venting. Awesome. I love having to worry about carbon monoxide, fire hazards and whether or not I'll have hot water. I swear that our bank account is like a revolving door. The money comes in and then the money goes out. So instead of buying that 105mm lens I've had my eye on, we paid to have some vent work done. On a house that is only 6 years old! This is why we moved out of a house that was 100+ years old.

And speaking of spending money, I thought that I finally had my new camera. It was so close, I could feel my finger on the shutter. And then it was gone. Thankyouverymuch for nothing, Amazon. I actually don't have as many shutter clicks on my D50 as I thought I did. I checked over the weekend and it was at 15,000.

We were finally able to meet the latest member of our family, Tommy, last weekend at his Christening. He is the girls' newest cousin. The girls did very well during the hour long mass. It's funny because I actually do not like dressing them alike anymore. Maybe because it seems to call more attention to us now than it did when they were smaller. I was about three loads of laundry behind on the girls' clothes and the nicest clean outfits were their red corduroy panda jumpers. So I dressed them alike. Along with the usual twins, triplets comments, we received several compliments on the girls' behavior. Someone did ask me if I always dress them alike. Nope.

Oh, here's Elmo dressed in his finest for the Christening.


We had our first play date this past weekend. This little girl was in Anna's class and her buddy last school year. She is a year ahead so for this year she attends preschool for three days a week instead of two days a week. We've been lucky enough to bump into R and her mom around town a few times and R's mom told us how much R was missing Anna. And Anna had been so bummed when we discovered that R wouldn't be in her classroom this year.

I can't believe that in almost two months, I will have three four year olds. I can't believe how much my babies have grown. I can't believe that we are hosting play dates. Watching Anna hold her little friend's hand as she lead her room to room was just too precious.

Okay, pictures. Everyone wants pictures.

Here's Em rocking the side pony.


And kissing Ze-be.


Sweet little Anna.



Anonymous said...

They're beautiful...
Was this playdate specifically for Anna and R? Or did Allie and Em join in? I've always wondered about multiples and friendships.


JEN said...

Yes, between my teeth and house improvements, there is all of our disposable income. At least we have disposable income, right?

I LOVE the side pony :)

Cindy said...

Love the pictures...I did a side pony on my daughter today and it was so cute.
Revolving bank accounts...gotta love it (NOT!)
All this snow and ice is reaking havoc on the house. We have water pooring in windows and our beautiful hard wood floors are warping. Not good. I commiserate with you.

Jaime said...

Emily wearing the side pony is just TOOOOOOO cute!! great picture!

Sarah said...

Alexandra - the playdate was for Anna and her friend but Allie and Em played with them as well. Anna spent more time with her than Em and Allie though

I know, Jen - I always have to remember to be thankful that we can afford to have repairs made (or buy things we really don't NEED.) I'm sure that there are others who are not so fortunate.

Ack, Cindy - yes, the snow and ice is horrible!!! I hope you don't have too much water damage.