Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What I like

The setting: I have just finished reading bedtime stories to Allie, Anna and Emily on Allie's bed. Em's book choice for the night was a compilation of princess stories.

Allie - "I'm going to read the princess book in my bed tonight."

[Translation - I want to look through the princess book after I am tucked in.]

Emily - "No, Allie. I was going to read the princess book."

Mommy - "Ahhh, Allie, is there another book you can read tonight? Emily already told me that she wanted to read that book in her bed tonight."


Emily - "That's okay, Allie. You can have the book. Daddy can get me another princess book downstairs."

What I don't like

The girls were playing together in the family room late Sunday afternoon while Rich worked on homework and I finished sewing Allie's apron. I was half listening to the conversation between Allie and Anna, which was turning a bit argumentative. Something about school is this way, no it's not.

Suddenly Anna starts crying hysterically. Because Allie had bitten her finger. I seriously thought that we were over this biting business. I send Allie to time out while I comfort Anna. When Allie's time out ends, I call her over to us.

"Allie, Mommy loves you very much but you cannot bite Anna. You cannot bite anyone. Do you understand? That hurt Anna and wasn't very nice. Can you tell Anna that you are sorry?"

She hemmed and hawed and finally mumbled a not so sincere apology, which did not sit very well with me.

Turns into what I like

About two hours passed and bedtime was approaching. For something different, Rich popped some kiddie music into the CD player for the girls. They were singing and dancing together. Having fun together. I was sitting on one of the couches and Anna, who was taking a break from the dancing, was standing next to me.

I saw Allie looking at Anna, almost as if she was studying her, before she walked up and said, "Anna, I'm sorry I bit you." They hugged and my heart melted.

She understood.



Tasha said...

That is so cute! Me and my sister fought constantly when we were little but she's always been my best friend at the end of the day! Your girls are adorable!

Ami said...

You're right. That is adorable. Good for them!

Kari said...

Such a special relationship that your girls have. They are SO lucky to have each other...

Meg :) said...

Aw, so sweet! My girls fight like banshees sometimes, too.

Cindy said...

I am waiting for this day to happen. My girls are 2.5 and while they are extremely sweet and loving to each other, they also fight - really dirty. My one DD pulls HANDFULS of hair out of her sister's head. I am seriously worried that she's going to be bald in the next few weeks. The other is a biter and a hitter. Dear lord, I forget what age this gets better at.

I love that Allie apologized on her own. So sweet. And that Emily let Allie have the book. It's those moments of loving and sharing that warm my heart.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this made me cry, that is just so sweet. :-) Don't you love how they play together? My twins can go for huge lengths of time not even noticing if I am there or not! -Jan

Tim and Darcy said...

Very sweet! Would have melted my heart, too!!!