Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My brother's family gave the girls the game Zingo for Christmas. My sister-in-law warned me that although the recommended age on the box was four that the girls would be able to play without issue. And she was correct. I have even witnessed them playing it together (nicely) without adult supervision.

My brother stopped by on Sunday to check out our venting issue and brought the girls' cousin, Beth, with him. The girls were so excited to have another playmate for a few hours.


And what did they do? They played Zingo!


Anna and Allie had a blast.


(Not a Zingo game piece, by the way.)

Em started off okay.


But then decided that she didn't want to play. She was kind of off all weekend. So instead of playing Zingo, she kept asking, "Are the brownies ready yet?"


That's what she is doing in that picture. "Are the brownies ready yet? When are the brownies going to be ready?"

And finally the brownies were ready.


Em was happy. (For the moment.)


Another game the girls like is Old Maid. We have the one where the cards are all princesses and the old maid is the "Sea Witch" from Ariel. Allie really likes this game too. The girls don't quite understand that they aren't supposed to let others see their cards though. We were playing a round the other night and as Grammy was dealing the cards, Allie said, "Oh, man! I got the bad woman."


Tracy said...

Love all the pictures again!!!! Wow, never heard of this game. We are totally gonna have to get that. We have Uno Moo, Candy Land, & Chutes and Ladders, but all require parental assistance and I'm NOT always in the mood to assist...

Cindy said...

Zingo is a great game for kids that they can totally play on their own. We got it when my oldest was 3 and she still plays it at 6. What is fun is when we both need the same tile and it comes up we do "rock, paper, scissors" for it. We are also big fans of "Ants in the Pants". My 2.5 y/os have gotten really good at flipping those ant's into the pants. Again, another game they can play on their own.
Love the pics! Emily's smile is precious.

Helen said...

I'd never heard of Zingo! It looks like a fun game!

I'd be asking about brownies too if I knew some were being made ;)

Anonymous said...

That is too precious.