Friday, February 18, 2011

Peanut butter and animals

I have two children who detest peanut butter and I really can't figure out why. Or how. They aren't allergic to it (in fact, no one in our families is allergic to nuts.) My youngest brother hates peanut butter and we used to torture him when he was little by smearing it on him. One could argue that "hatred of peanut butter" is a genetic trait but Anna loves it and the girls are identical so most likely not.

At Halloween, I thought I could sneak in a little PB by feeding them Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. That was a no go.

Grammy brought the girls to Target earlier this week to pick up a few items. Here is the conversation I had with Emily that evening.

"When we were at Tar-jay, Anna was eating a peanut butter cookie and my ear hurt."

"Really? Your ear hurt because Anna was eating a peanut butter cookie."

"Yes. And then my tongue starting hurting."

Oh, the drama. And yes, the girls call it Tar-jay, which always makes me laugh and laugh.

So (completely unrelated but I really didn't want to break these up into two separate posts) let's talk about the girls' animals. The girls do play with dolls but more often that not, they play with their animals. And sometimes the animals are their babies along with dolls.

They are called "animals" in our house. Not lovies, or stuffed animals, or stuffies or plushies. Just straight up animals. The following statements are frequently heard in our house:

"I need to go upstairs to get my animals."

"I need to go check on my animals."

"My animals are hungry. They need breakfast."

Here's how the animals eat.


And here's what I usually see when I check in on Allie and Em at night.


(From left to right that's Allie, Elmo, The Other Allie, Elmo's Twin, Daisy Duck and Donald Duck.)


Anna doesn't have a set of favorite animals. She goes back and forth between them. Tonight she is sleeping with a pile of about 8 babies next to her. Tomorrow night, she might throw them all out of her bed.

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Jen said...

I love sleeping babes! They look like little angels :)

Colleen said...

ha! I love the animals eating!

Rikki said...

How did you take those pictures with the flash without waking them?

Anonymous said...

Did you ever get them tested for peanut allergy just in case? My daughter wouldn't eat it and we tried to 'trick' her, too. She'd immediately spit it out every time. I mentioned it to the Dr. because I was dying to give her pb&j's and he told me to get her tested- yea allergic. Awesome mom trying to force PB right? ;) So just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. I love that they say tar-jay!!

Cindy said...

precious post. I love children and their animals.
My one little sleeps with so many dolls and animals and books that sometimes I have trouble finding her. My other is devoted to her "baby" and her "bunny book". Not much else allowed in her bed. My oldest (6) still sleeps with the doll she received when she was born. It's in rough shape b/c it's a material doll, but if anything ever happened to "Mabel" the world would stop rotating on it's axis.

Sarah said...

Rikki - they fall asleep with the lights on. When they first fall asleep, they sleep through anything - even thunderstorms - so it is safe to take pictures.

Katie - I thought about that too but they have eaten it without any problems.