Saturday, February 19, 2011

On the topic of clothes

I remember the days of selecting three different outfits from the girls' closet and bringing them downstairs. I would spread out the outfits across the couch and ask the girls to each pick one. This does not happen now. Ever. I've tried it and there's usually whining and complaining. Sometimes crying.

Independence is part of growing up but why does it have to be so difficult. Do you know what it is like to have three almost four year old girls choose outfits from a closet? It takes FOREVER. I try to be patient and not too concerned with the outfits that look ridiculous (I intervene) but it is hard. (Okay, if I look at what is really hard in life, this is not it. But you know what I mean.)

The buying ahead thing worked out for awhile but not so much right now. If you do buy ahead, be sure to purchase outfits. I ended up with a lot of pieces that don't easily coordinate. Like that polka dot skirt is really cute but now I have to go out and buy a top, which sort of defeats the whole buying ahead thing.

In addition, the girls (especially Allie and Em) are so picky right now. Em doesn't want to wear anything with buttons. "I don't want no buttons!" And Allie keeps trying to wear sundresses.

I need to pull some "on the small side" items from their closet and be done with it. They are almost 4 years old and tiny but the 2T stuff needs to go.

The girls had looked at a flyer for The Children's Place so Allie and I picked up a few items last week. Outfits with items that could be worn with other pieces.

Em wanted this froggy shirt. I'm not a huge fan of these types of shirts but whatever. It's a t-shirt. (There is a special place in my heart for frogs so I kind of like how she picked this one out.)


Do you like how they were helping to frost the cake?

Here are some pieces that Allie picked out. Well, the t-shirt and the skirt. She insisted on wearing them when we arrived home so I made her put them on over her clothes. It's too cold right now.


Anna wouldn't try on anything.

I find that clothing at TCP runs small. The girls are about 36 inches tall and weigh around 27-28 pounds. I was able to buy some other shirts and skirts (including Allie's purple tutu skirt) in size 4. We have moved up to the big kid section now!

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Tracey's Life said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it only gets worse as they get older. I have learned from my mistakes - when I now buy something and they are not with me, I ask them if they like it and will they wear it? I cannot tell you how many things I bought because I liked them that sat in a closet and were never worn.

They are simply expressing themselves and trying to exert some control over their lives. Yes, I let my child leave the house in outfits that did not match when she was younger. Yes I now let my 17 yr old leave the house in outfits that I wonder how she sees them as an outfit. But I thank my lucky stars that she doesn't want to look like a tramp or smoke or do drugs. I have learned the hard way to pick my battles. She also went through a phase where she had comb in extensions of green, purple and pink. Because I didn't fight it, it only lasted a month or so.

I told her no more holes other than the ones God gave her and the single ear piercing and no tattoos as long as I support her. She is a good girl and an Honors Student, but she needs to express herself.

Hope that helps :)

Cassie said...

The boys clothes at TCP run big! One of my boys (the peanut) is the same sz as your girls and 24 months fits hit perfectly right now. I bought sz 4t for this summer and they are going to be way too big! Even for the bigger 2! (they are around 38 lbs 39 in) I also buy ahead a lot, but Im not too good at judging sizes. They are growing like weeds, but most of their clothes from last spring will still fit, since I bought them so big... :) And I too end up with many peices thats have no matches. :( This is where solid color polo's and jean shorts come in handy...but I LOVE patchwork and plaid shorts!

Jody said...

I googled (yes, seriously) Identical triplets in disneyland :) as we are getting ready to go there our selves, I have 3 boys (17, 14, and 10) and NEEDED a girl right, soooo 4th try, got me a set of Identical girls! they are 6 and in kindergarten.... anyhow i wanted to say hello your girls are beautiful!

Kelly said...

So funny that you write this post. I have a 20 month old that is insistent on picking out her clothes daily. If I do happen to get lucky and convince to wear a matching outfit, it is only later accompanied by a pink tutu and a purple tank top (that was today). Oh, and you can't forget the blue sunglasses! My Maddy will be just like your girls I think! They're adorable!

Lisa said...

Is it weird that I'm sort of looking forward to these days with my girls? I love picking out their clothes, but I can't wait to see what they pick out themselves.

Esther and Brian said...

i agree with cassie, tcp clothes run HUGE in boys! my 30 months old twin boys are the same height as your sweet girlies (35.5-36in, 23lb) and the 2t stuff are ok in length but so incredibly wide. i simply do not shop there except for their footed pjs. but my friend's girl, who is 36.5in and 30lb needs at least 3t, often 4t in tcp and other brands, too..girls clothes seem to run so much smaller, it seems...but hey, sizing is just a number...

Sarah said...

Tracey - I completely agree :)

So interesting that clothing for boys runs big! How odd!

Hi Jody!!

Thank you everyone for your comments.

TanyaMom23 said...

Ugh, I am already anticipating my twin girls being difficult when it comes to dressing, and they aren't even two! I have 5 sisters and I remember how tough we all were when it came to picking out our own outfits (if you could call them that!) My son Jackson, now 5 went threw a "no button shirts" phase when he was 3-4yo as well, now he's pretty easy. He likes to pick out his clothes, but has no problem with me picking them out. I also hang every thing up (we have zero dressers and TONS of closet space, so I hang up outfits and sets together, so that he won't be tempted to pick somehting completely ridiculous.

I love TCP and Gymboree, but I find that TCP runs small for the girls, big for boys and Gymboree runs big for the girls and true to size for my son.

Do you also have issues with body type/shape. I know your girls are very little, are they on the shorter side as well? My son always had a BIG belly and short legs, so it was very hard to find his "size". Everything was baggy and rolled up a bunch of times and snug on the waste. I am not a fan of Jeans on kids, they are super cute, but seem so uncomfortable. Leggings are always appropriate for girls, but for boys, it sweatpants or jeans.

Anyways, I think your girls always look adorable and they have the cutest clothes.