Friday, November 19, 2010


Yes, I am on vacation. I set up a ton of blog posts to publish in my absence. I figured it would keep you all entertained and it gave me a chance to catch up on my posts. This post was set up in advance as well. We are in somewhat of an isolated area - meaning that I can't just drive down to the local Starbucks and pick up a wifi connection. Not that I am going to have time to do that anyway.

And my phone isn't smart. I just recently upgraded to one with a little keyboard so I can now text. It took so long with my old phone that I would usually give up after three words.

Stay tuned for vacation posts/updates......

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Meg said...

I also do not have a smart phone. You are not alone. (lol!) I just upgraded to a "touch screen" recently. I feel like I'm 100 years old when I'm poking around on here trying to make a phone call or text someone! Hahahaha :)