Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is this cozy, Mommy.

Yes, still on vacation. I thought you would all enjoy this though. It took a bit of work to cram 10 loads of laundry in and pack before we left. Especially with Emily in extra-cling mode. I swear that child gets so clingy, I often ask her if she wants to climb back into my womb. Someone usually says, "No, she's too big."

While I was in my room attempting to pack clothes for myself, which was quite a feat, Allie and Em decided that they would make "piles" of the clothes they wanted to take. Um, yeah. Thanks?

I am down to one pair of jeans that fit and are comfortable. Two pairs of shorts that I like. A few tee shirts. Yeah, that's not enough. I usually don't have any issue because I am never home for more than two or three days at a time.

Can you guess where we are based upon their clothing selection?





Yeah, didn't think so.

At one point, I had to find outfits for the girls to wear in the car for an extended period so I made the comment that I was looking for something cozy. I was still finishing up laundry so I put that project on hold. Allie followed me around the house all afternoon displaying clothing items and asking, "Is this cozy, Mommy? Is this cozy?" At least she was trying to help. Right?

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Anonymous said...

their clothes are super adorable!