Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hold on, the doctor has to go potty.

The girls' kitchen now doubles as a doctor's office. The patient, human or animal, usually sits on the counter while the doctor (usually Emily) performs her exam.


Doctors also give haircuts. I had no idea.



"The puppy hurt his eye."


Here Dr. Emily is cutting off Puppy's ears so that new ones can be put on.


"But they're not coming off."



The other night as the girls were playing doctor, Emily stopped and said, "Hold on, the doctor has to go potty," and ran into the bathroom.


Neeti said...

The cutest! And your pictures make it seem as if we have ringside seats!

Cindy said...

I love looking into these little snippets of life with your girls. They really make me smile and laugh and remember when my oldest was this age and I was playing these games with her. My little ones are 29 months - they have simple conversations with each other and FINALLY play together. I can't wait to see what is next while thoroughly enjoying this stage.

Julia said...

LOL - "the doctor has to go potty" needs to be framed!

Jessie said...

What kitchen is this? I've been looking for one that all three of my little ladies can play with (ages almost 4 and two almost 2 yr olds). This looks like it would work! Is it Step 2 brand?

Bloggerman1984 said...

Even doctors need potty breaks!