Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I give up.

As I was editing and uploading the pictures of Em and Little Lion the other night, the thought that the photos looked a bit grainy crossed my mind. It was late and I was tired so I did not investigate. I actually forgot about it until last night when I uploaded the Halloween day photos for my blog post. Hmmm. These look grainy to me, I thought.

It was late again and I did not investigate but as I was quickly getting ready for bed, I thought, I hope I didn't leave the ISO set at 400. No. I remember changing it back. You see, I had attempted to take some pictures without my Speedlight on Saturday morning. There wasn't enough natural light so I had bumped the ISO up to 400. My camera only has four ISO settings: 200, 400, 800 and 1600. I can see noise at 400. Forget about 1600.

So on Saturday morning, after bumping up my ISO and still not having enough light for a decent shutter speed, I thought I had set the ISO back to 200. I remember making a big deal about it in my mind because I knew that my pictures would be grainy with that 400 setting. This morning, I grabbed my camera to take pictures of the girls snuggling together in my bed. Even though the LCD screen on my camera is terrifically small and doesn't allow you to see much, the pictures looked grainy. I checked the ISO.


Which means that all of the pictures I took last weekend are going to be a bit grainy. I don't know which frustrates me more. The fact that the pictures will be more imperfect or that I thought I had done something but apparently hadn't.

So here is my rant. I have been frustrated with so many aspects of my photography lately. And call me a sore loser if you want to but I am done with these online photography challenges as well. Thanks to Sitemeter I can see how many readers clicked over to view my picture and based upon the number of comments that I didn't receive, I assume that everyone thinks my picture sucks. So I'm done.

Time is not my friend these days. Getting three three year olds to cooperate can be near impossible at times. I am somewhat disappointed in the autumn pictures I took of the girls. (I'll post those soon.) I wanted to go to the same park where I held a mini photo shoot with them last year but we didn't make it.

Alright, enough venting. I'll end with some pictures that should have gone with last night's post but hadn't been transferred from my camera to the computer. I actually had forgotten about them.

Thanks for the whistles!





Jen said...

I know what you mean about the grain, it's just so frustrating!! Don't be so hard on yourself, I think your pictures are great!

Jennifer said...

Your pictures are great! I really enjoy seeing your girls....they are beauties :) I understand the grain issue though.

I love the middle picture!

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

Do you use photoshop?

Ok so there is a program called Noise Ninja

it will be the best money you ever spent. It removes grain. It is fairly inexpensive as well. And works wonders.

I love your pictures and every photographer feels the same way you do. Hang in there and keep shooting.

Also I always tell myself don't enter a contest for anyone but yourself. Be proud of your work some people will like it some won't. All that truly matters is if you like it.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

bearie1 said...

I always enjoy your pictures and don't even notice the grain. I'm looking at the cute little girls. Elaine

Anonymous said...

For the record ... it is the shutterbug site that is confusing. NOT your pictures!! Personally there has not been a time when I did not think you should win.

BreezieGirl said...

I think your photos are fantastic. Don't be done. I totally understand about grain though. I was just editing some pictures from my friend's birthday and there is so much grain (at 400) that I wanted to cry. I keep telling myself - "at least you have pictures."

Hope's Mama said...

I think all of your pictures are fantastic. Like the others say, don't be so hard on yourself. I wish I was half the photographer you are!

Tracy said...

Sarah, so sorry to read this post given you do an amazing job of juggling kiddos and photography and I always enjoy stopping by and I'm excited when I see your entries on the contest sites. It's like seeing someone you know at a party full of unknowns. Also, if you use Photoshop, you can get a plug in called Noiseware Professional by Imagenomic which I love. I haven't used Noise Ninja, but am sure it is the same thing so I'd just compare prices and get the cheaper one. What I really enjoy about your photos is they are candid action shots of your life (not posing) and you do that so well.

Erin said...

I'm not a photographer so I can't comment on the issues you are frustrated with. I can tell you, that I love that middle photo with Anna putting her hands over her ears while the whistle is getting blown. It cracks me up and captures a real moment. For what it's worth from a totally unprofessional opinion, I think you are doing an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing photographer and have the most beautiful subjects to capture on film!!! I am sorry that you are frustrated - but please know that your photos are amazing!


Cat said...

I think all your pictures are great! It makes me wish we had a better camera, but it was all I could do to talk my husband into the one we have now - he thought the digital camera we bought in 2003 was still sufficient (3.1 megapixels, I believe). He still doesn't really know how to work the new one, particularly how to focus, so nearly all the pictures of the kids and me are blurry. It's really disappointing.

My three are 15 months old and I barely have time to read any blogs, let alone click over to another one. My silence does not mean I dislike your photos, in fact I love them! That said, if the contests are stressing you out, then by all means stop participating. If there's one that speaks to you, do it. If there's not, then don't. Or just file the good ideas away in your head for later use without the stress of a contest deadline.

You will be so glad when they're older and you have all these pictures of their childhood! Lord knows the memories won't all be there after the sleep deprivation.

Cassie said...

I agree that you should do this for yourself, and if you really like a picture ~ THAT is what matters. Your girls are beautiful and you will look back and be so glad you have all these amazing shots of them!

Pam said...

I was going to beg you not to stop the contests but I realized I can see them all here. I love seeing your beautiful girls. You rock!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about others, but whenever I try to click on the Trendy Treehouse (I think that's what its called?)from your page my browser crashes. Meaning I'm wanting to go over their and vote, but can't. That 'pink' picture from the other day was so beautiful - and in such a subtle way that only the eye of an artist would recognize. The fact that you chose that to represent 'pink' speaks wonders about your artistic ability, IMO. BEAUTIFUL photos!

Anonymous said...

I think your photos are amazing, I'm sorry you are disappointed. That first shot of all 3 girls in their costumes smiling so happily is wonderful!!
And here's a blog question for you: You and your husband seem to have dark hair, so I am curious where the girls' beautiful auburn hair was inherited from?

Ami said...

Even your worst pictures are SO much better than most of our best! I'll keep looking at them every day! I'd be blessed to be able to take a picture with even a fraction of your talent! :)

Stacey L. said...

The middle picture is really cute! I love how your daughter has her hands over her ears! I know exactly how she feels as someone gave my 2 year old twins whistles at a party we went to..somehow they got "lost" in the car on the way home and never made it to the house.

Anonymous said...

Do you comment on other blogs? Comments get you comments especially on photo challenges and it's the nice thing to do. Everyone wants encouragement.

Sarah said...

Anon - Yes, I comment on other blogs when I enter these particular photo challenges. They ask you to comment on at least 5 others and I do that. I rec'd 3 comments and 2 of those were from others I left comments for (and also "know online.")

I had approx 50 to 75 people link over from that photo challenge and I only rec'd 3 comments myself. I saw others with 20 comments. Does that mean that they are going out commenting on 50 blogs? If so, more power to 'em. I don't have time for that. I have a full time job, a blog, I run and I have 3 year old triplets.

Not only am I frustrated with the comments issue but the selection of winners and favorites. As I said, it is subjective but I don't always agree. My opinion to have.

Jennifer said...

I make the time to read your blog (and appreciate your pics!), but not to click onto other sites and comment there.

I love your pics.

Funny story, I went to take fall pics w/ my kid and the twins she hangs out with, took time off work, lucked out with great light...we got to THE spot and this huge, noisy beast of a tractor was mulching all the leaves! I didn't even get a chance to screw up my settings on that one. By the time we'd relocated, the sun was full out and not helpful. Next year.