Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well, I guess I've been tricked.

Sunday. Halloween.

(Note for those of you who have weak stomachs. Proceed with caution.)

I know I've mentioned before how Rich and I take turns sleeping in on the weekends. Some weekends, we each take a day as our day to sleep in. On weekends where we have plans in the morning of one of the days, we will take turns on the same day. I always take the first shift with the girls because I can sleep anywhere at any time. Once Rich is awake, he's awake.

Because we had to have the van taken care of on Saturday morning, Sunday became our day to sleep in. But we had Halloween events planned for early afternoon. We decided that Rich would sleep from 8:00 to 10:00 and I would sleep from 10:00 to noon.

As the girls were eating their breakfast cereal, they asked for drinks (side note - Emily likes orange juice) so I walked over to the cabinet which houses their sippy cups. The smell hit me as soon as I opened the cabinet door. My first thought was that a mouse had died in one of the bottom cabinets. Because the cabinet with the sippy cups is in upper cabinet, I pulled out a sippy cup for Em's juice. I sniffed the plastic cover and it stunk. I couldn't give my baby a stinky sippy cup.

I started pulling out sippy cups and smelling them trying to figure out what was going on. It didn't take long to find this.


Now, I consider myself to be fairly intelligent but when I'm tired, forget it. My first thought was, "How did a *&#$@*^# chocolate milkshake get in the cabinet?"

So obviously that was not a stinky chocolate milkshake. Someone {insert throat clearing here} put a sippy cup of old chocolate milk in the cabinet instead of the sink or dishwasher. I have my theories on how it happened.

In case that first picture wasn't enough for you, here's another. I really should have switched over to my 85mm lens for these.


See how there is stuff in the sippy top? Well, there was a clear liquid under the cup in the cabinet which leads me to believe that it was somehow leaking out of the cup. Disgusting! I had to run almost all of the sippy cups through the dishwasher that morning because they were smelly. And I had trouble getting the smell out of the cabinet. It still smells to me.

After my nap (and yes, it was wonderful), we all had lunch and then headed off to a Halloween parade. This parade is nice because any and all kids (and adults) can march in it.


I, unfortunately, only have before and after pictures as I was either holding two little hands or carrying a three year old during the parade.

Although the girls look shell shocked, they were actually having fun.


I think they liked checking out all the costumes.


We knew that at the end of the parade, all the kids would receive a little goodie bag. As we neared the town common, I kept hearing this high pitched noise. "What is that? What IS that?"

Whistles! Can you believe that they put whistles in the goodie bags? I passed by one mother, who said to me, "These are gonna get lost real fast."


After dinner, we brought the girls out trick or treating for the first time. They LOVED it. They wanted to know which house we were going to next and they kept saying cute things like, "My basket is almost full," when the basket only had 15 pieces of candy in it. Unfortunately, it was freezing out and the girls were cold so we didn't stay out for long. They enjoyed watching all of the kids who came to our house and checking out all of the costumes. I'd have to say that Halloween was a success this year!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

The horror of the thought of having to run all the sippy cups through the dishwasher - for me - is 1,000 times worse than those yucky pictures! Sippy cups through the dishwasher...and all their teeny-tiny parts...the bain of my existence.

So glad your girls enjoyed Halloween! :)

Stef said...

I love that mothers comment, ha!
& your Alice's & witch were adorable!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I would just toss the sippy cup - I'm green like that :)


Meg said...

Great Halloween recap! So cute! And as far as the cup pictures go... we had a similar situation with my mother-in-law (the cleanest woman on Earth that I know!) and some Playtex sippy cup valves that had never been removed for cleaning (she didn't realize they came off!) and were collecting milk & juice remnants for MONTHS. Talk about nasty!! Eck!

Cindy said...

Love the recap and the pictures (well, not the sippy cup pictures because that brings back memories and I can still smell that smell - it stays with you).
Just a funny note on the whistles (which I'll never buy for my girls even though they are always asking for them)- my MIL always buys our girls those plastic holiday straws - they have them for every holiday. Well, my oldest learned at a VERY YOUNG age that they make awesome whistles if you blow into them. She laughs hysterically every blow because she KNOWS it is pure torture to me. This year as a special treat to me, she taught her twin 2 year old sisters how to make them whistle. Those straws are SO gone :)

Sarah said...

Meg- best sippy cup story EVER!

Cindy - that is good to know!