Thursday, November 4, 2010


I want to thank all of you who left a comment on last night's post. It means a lot to me. I have learned that photography is so subjective. Put a picture in front of 10 people and you'll hear 10 completely different critiques. I think (or know) that I can be too sensitive, which is not a good thing.

I've always said that if I'm happy with the photos, then I'm happy with them. I don't care what others think. I just feel like I've stalled out lately. As for editing, I use Photoshop Elements version 6.0. I don't really know how to do much and unfortunately, I don't have much time to learn. I try to get it right as much as possible in the camera.

The reason why this is my post tonight is because I ran out of time. I have a slew of photos from a get together that I wanted to sort through, edit and post. Rich went out to dinner with some of his brothers after work tonight so that left me and Gram-o-rama (aka The Cruise Director) to tackle the girls' bedtime routine.

I arrived home from work later than I wanted to, which means that the whole bedtime thing started later than I wanted it to. I read to the girls in each bedroom (Emily usually follows me around) and then managed to get Anna settled into bed. Grammy was reading to Allie alone in her room at that point. Anna wanted someone to read more stories to her. I told her that someone would come back to see her, which isn't really a lie because I do go back. She just happens to be asleep by the time I get there.

Em wanted me to sit with her and I was afraid that if I didn't, she would stand at the gate and disrupt the others. I needed to run and I didn't want Grammy stressing out with them running around upstairs so I sat with her. She was asleep within five minutes. And then I went and ran 4 miles on the treadmill. And then I did 200 crunches.

I needed to empty the dishwasher and fill it with the dirty dishes that had accumulated in the sink. And then I ate my dinner, which consisted of a banana, a mini Almond Joy and a mini box of Charleston Chews. By the time all was said and done, it was 9:35 leaving me with no real time to sort through, edit and post pictures.

I hope to finish them for tomorrow.

Anyway, I also wanted to answer Jan's question regarding the girls' hair color. Rich and I have darker hair now but when we were younger (much younger!) it was blonde and dirty blonde. My hair lightens fairly quickly in the sun. The girls' hair is usually darker in the winter months and I can tell that it will be darker when they are older.

And unfortunately, they inherited my hair texture. It is very fine so it ends up looking stringy. I've never liked my hair. Hopefully, they have better luck.


Summers Family said...

Does Grammy live with you guys? Just wondering :-) Hope you get some rest.

Summers Family said...

I hope that was ok to ask :-o You are very lucky if she does. Bedtime routine with little can be SO hard and I dread the nights my hubby isn't home to help. SO I was just wondering. We also call my mom Grammy, but she doesn't live with us. Which I guess is good and bad :-)

Jan said...

Your "blue" contest photo was stunning. I showed it to my husband and son who were also entranced. Sometimes when you do a funny portrait of Elmo I just can't stop laughing. And of course, your pix of your girls are wonderful. Just thought you should know . . .

JEN said...

200 crunches? You're my hero.

Cindy said...

"I told her that someone would come back to see her, which isn't really a lie because I do go back. She just happens to be asleep by the time I get there."
Yeah, this is my tactic too. It has gotten to the point with my 6 year old, who has ALWAYS been a rotten sleeper, that we tell her we will come back 2 minutes after she is asleep to check on her. Most nights, she'll buy it, you know, as long as I go up once to check her before she is asleep. But that is PROGRESS from where we have been with her since birth! At least she is staying in her bed now.
The 2 year olds, on the other hand - we learned from the first that it was important to us that they stay in their room. We never allowed them out once in and the sillies don't test the door. They are awesome so far. (knocks on wood) When I leave the room they share, they'll chat for awhile but do go to bed on their own. Thank goodness because I can't image 3 with sleep issues - how's that working for all you with higher multiples? For me, it can really make me nuts. I want sleep time to be peaceful and boy, sometimes it SO ISN'T and I feel really bad about it.

Sarah said...

OK to ask. Grammy stays with us for part of the week so that she doesn't have to drive back and forth. Our days start early and traffic around here is horrible.

Sarah said...

Thank you, Jan!

Jen - would you believe that pre-baby, I used to do 800-1,000 crunches!

Cindy - Glad I'm not the only one.