Sunday, September 12, 2010

Elmo pictures are the best

For example, do you think Elmo is enjoying this?


Do you think he really wants to be dressed in a blue and white satin/lace dress and drive a My Little Pony car?

Here he is napping on the couch with one of his lovies, Bunny.


Bunny is from Story Land. Our last day there, I allowed the girls to each pick one item (I'm talking about stuff under $10) from the gift shop. Allie grabbed this purple bunny. She also grabbed a purple hippo and insisted on both because Elmo needed them. Yes, my hands are full.


bearie1 said...

I'm sure Elmo is happy to be loved. Even if that does mean a dress and My Little Pony car. And yes, your hands are full. And very blessed. I know you know that. I love your blog. Elaine

Doubly Blessed said...

Ha ha, I seriously love all the Elmo pics! My kids carry around blankies, those aren't nearly as exciting to play with.

Melissa said...

Elmo pictures are the best! He sure is loved in your house.

JenM said...

It's something about his face. He just looks kind of. . .I don't know resigned. Love the pictures!

JEN said...

I feel like ELmo is my second child sometimes.