Saturday, September 11, 2010

Scenes from a Wednesday night.

{Not this past Wednesday night as this blog is not contemporaneous.)

The girls were burning off some after dinner steam when I decided that I wanted to shoot with my 85 mm lens. (I, of course, had my camera in hand).


I ran into the house for a quick lens change and when I opened the door to go back out, a rabbit ran right in front of me. "ACK!" Not that bunnies frighten me but this one did give me quite the surprise.


The girls ran over to see the bunny and without meaning to almost gave it a heart attack. The bunny was running along the side of the house but was afraid to dash past the girls at the end of the mulch. And when he would run back to the steps, they would follow him.


It appears that he's living under these steps.


Some play pictures.



This picture of Elmo swaddled makes me laugh.



Julia said...

LOL! We swaddle their babies here too, and they make the funniest face while shrugging their shoulders and saying sth equivalent to "co, co, co" (for "cold", but of course in Portuguese that is "fo, fo, fo", for "frio").

The American houses with big yards are so nice. We live all close to each other here, no space for bunnies...

Meg said...

LOL. I just read this post and the most recent one with all the Elmo pictures. Sarah, I have to say your blog makes me laugh all the time (sometimes cry) and I enjoy reading it so much! :)

Stef said...

that last pic makes Elmo look more like a 5150 patient than a swaddled baby!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Hi, I'm a really avid reader of this blog... I can't believe this is the first time I've commented! (okay, maybe second ;P) I just wanted to say, that it kind of looks like Elmo is crying out or something ;) I love you blog, though, it's so witty and funny and serious and it makes my day ;)