Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Recap with Photos Galore!

Saturday was a low key day for us. Rich tried to wear the girls out with outdoor playtime while I started the wonderful task of cleaning out our bedroom and sorting through my clothes. By the end of the weekend, I had one large, stuffed garbage bag ready for Goodwill so I did get something accomplished.

My knee has been feeling better and we both wanted to get a run in so we made an attempt at that on Saturday right before the girls' dinner. Wouldn't you know that it started thundering as soon as we loaded them into the stroller. I wasn't taking any chances so those plans were dumped fairly quickly.

We did manage to run as a family late Sunday morning. Here is a picture of the girls right before we left. They were dressing up using receiving blankets as capes and apparently Emily wanted Allie's blanket.

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The girls are now confusing "going for a run" with "running a race" and were running around saying, "Team Triplet is going to kick butt." I wonder where they learned that?

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We then decided to go The Breakfast Place That Serves Breakfast Through Lunchtime so I could finally get some of those chocolate chip pancakes I've been craving for the past three months. Even though the restaurant was not crowded at all, service was horrible and when you have three three year olds, the last thing you want to do is wait.

This little outing was confirmation for me that eating out with the girls needs to wait for a year or two or three. I understand the dumping of the salt on the table and playing with the little containers of half and half but right before our food arrived, Em started coughing and then almost threw up. Great. And when her sisters saw my reaction to that, they started to imitate her. And then Anna stuffed so much food into her mouth that she did start to choke.

After we recovered from lunch, the girls played outside again and then we headed off to a family cookout (or lookout per Allie) at Uncle Eddie's and Aunt Sue's house. The girls had a fantastic time. They threw balls, kicked balls, caught balls, hula hooped, ran around, played with a Bob the Builder dump truck, drew with sidewalk chalk, sat in the dirt, drank juice boxes, ate a few bites of hot dog (or just bread), ate brownies, ate ice cream and ate Mommy's Italian ice.

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But the weekend wasn't over after that. Oh no, we had the Memorial Day parade to watch on Monday morning. The girls said that they had fun at the parade but they didn't look like they are having fun during the parade.

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Cute pics! That first one is pure awesomeness!!! lol

Heather said...

I could look at your pictures all day. So cute and that first one is priceless.

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