Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Purple One

As in Allie.

So I'm sure you noticed that Allie is wearing purple in every single photo from this weekend. She is very much in love with her purple Gymboree dress and would wear it morning, noon and night if I allowed her to.

Here she is Friday night eating a "grown-up cookie" wearing none other than the purple dress that we bought at the store.

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What is a grown-up cookies? You may be asking. (Bear with me.) Ever since the girls could talk, I would tell them that I was eating something for adults or grown-ups when I didn't want them to eat what I was eating. And what would that be? Well, cookies and candy mostly. The best was when I gave Em and Anna a bite of my Cadbury Creme Egg after eating them for months and telling the girls that they were for adults only. Em and Anna followed me around begging and pleading for some grown-up candy.

Okay, so back to purple. I was allowing Allie to wear the dress this weekend as long as she didn't eat her meals with it on or play outside in it because I knew that she was going to want to wear it to the cookout on Sunday. Well, she was obeying and doing quite well until she had a potty accident. I ended up washing it as there were other things to be washed too. And as you can see from the pictures, she wore it to the cookout.

The purple obsession extends to underwear and pajamas as well. And dishes. And hair accessories. I was shopping at H&M today at lunch and I saw the cutest little sundress that Allie would love. It is purple with little Hello Kittys all over it. I did not buy it though as I would have had to have purchased three of them to be fair AND the girls do not need any more clothes. This is giving me incentive to not buy ahead as I really don't know what they will want to wear next year.


JEN said...

Purple rocks! The girls are already asserting what they are going to wear - watch out mom:)

Helen said...

Hmmm.... grown up food - I'm going to have to try that one out!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and for us it's "coffee."
They know coffee isn't for kids, do now hazelnut spread has "coffee" and empty candy packets I might not have hidden too deep in the garbage used to contain- what else? -coffee grounds.

Very simple. :)