Monday, May 31, 2010

Tired, crazy, busy. Fun.

That pretty much sums up our weekend and/or how I feel right about now. I took a ton of pictures (candids) and have a lot of recapping to do but right now I need to wrap up some stuff and head to bed so all that will have to wait.

Here's a picture from this morning that just yells, "FUN!"

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Okay, okay - ignore the fact that Anna is out of focus because she decided to run out of my field of focus.

So here's my little cropping secret: Whenever I take a picture of the girls in front of "the door," I always crop it to hide what needs to be cleaned up. In this picture, you can see my stinky running socks on the floor and the pile of too small clothes ready to be packed up and shipped off. Oh, well.


Katie said...

Haha. I never see anything in your pictures except the beautiful children. I would never have known those were stinky running socks if you hadn't fessed up.

You are an awesome photographer and I covet your camera and skills. hehe.


Helen said...

Definitely fun! And summer!

Wendy said...

They are fun <3. Is it Allie in the purple stripes dress? I can't get over how "old" they look. They still have a little baby look to their faces but man, they are getting so big. Favorite id trip girls ever! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone. Yes, Allie is almost always in purple. I can't believe how fast they are growing.

Stacy said...

I love Anna's dress and capri leggings. Where did you get them? I know my daughter would love Allie's purple dress. ;-)