Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Great Toddler Closet Turnover Finale of 2010

Without further delay, here is the girls' closet:

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Of course, I was too lazy to switch to my wide angle camera lens so I was unable to fit the entire closet into the frame.

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I keep matching and coordinating sets together.

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Clothes in baskets on the top shelf are labeled for ease of use.

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I have also sorted and labeled shoes for future use.

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Other items to note:

  • Socks, tights and underwear are stored in a small dresser in Emily's room.
  • Pajamas, bulky sweaters and sweater coats are in baskets on the changing table shelves. The changing table is now being used as a table/storage area in Allie's room.
  • I don't ever plan to do this again. I think it will be easier to try to pull out too small items as I come across them while stocking in newer items with seasons.
  • As mentioned previously (I think), I have slowed down considerably with "buying ahead." Hmmm, I wonder how long we can go before we really need stuff? We are actually just scraping by with summer pajamas and life would be easier to buy some more but we really don't need them so I'm not buying any!


Melissa said...

Looks great! I wish my closet was that organized.
Now the question is, does it actually stay that nice or does it get all messy?

Summers Family said...

WOW - wish we lived closer Sarah so my Annabelle could score some adorable hand-me-downs :-)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Aren't you glad it's DONE?!

I would soooo celebrate :)

It looks great, Sarah, well done!

I pull out clothes as they're too small. I will leave the small item on them that one last time because I won't wrestle with two squirmy babies twice in a row... but then it gets washed and in the box. I keep a box in their wardrobe of items to donate.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

P.S. In whose bedroom is this beautiful big "closet" (we say wardrobe in South Africa :))?

Hopeful34 said...

Looks awesome! Your girls are so cute by the way. I love all the photos. I added you to my blog I hope you don't mind :)Their clothes are so cute!

Amy said...

It looks great! I'm inspired. :)

kdliberty said...

Looks awesome! Pulling out clothes that are to small as you find them is a good idea. However, you are still going to find you need to go through that closet once a year!

Jamie said...

I am sooo impressed. You wanna come do that to mine now, too? lol

by the way...did you see you won something with The Riplets?!

Sarah said...

Yes, the closet actually does stay that way. Rich and Grammy fear the wrath of Sarah when clothing is disturbed.

The closet is in Allie's room!

I try to pull out too small clothes as we come across them but those out of season clothes are always a question mark. I usually find that I have to do a big clean out right before the cold weather or hot weather hits.

Thanks everyone!

And thanks Jamie! Yippeee!

Stacy said...

I know you have triplet girls, but that seems like a lot of clothes! Gosh - I wish my closet looked like that. It's beautiful! I can see why it was such a project.

Tamara said...

Look at all them clothes, it's no wonder the girls always seem to look adorable in their pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a neat and sweet little (or rather, BIG) closet!

I pull out whatever gets outgrown as it happens and put it in a hamper in my closet. All kids/sizes together. After it gets filled up, I sort and put away for next kid down.

Once in a while I go through the box of clothes-to-grow-into and take whatever I estimate to fit. I make a mental note of the clothes that will be up next so as not to forget to check the boxes.