Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Jonas Brothers and Gymnastics

My wonderfully awesome niece, Jen, has been assisting Grammy in taking the girls to their "parent/tot" gymnastics class. Jen was away on vacation this past week and although Grammy probably could have managed the class alone, well I wouldn't want to manage it alone so we weren't going to torture her by making her take them alone. I decided that I would go with them to the class and then just catch a later train to work.

To make logistics work, I needed to drop Rich off at the train station for his train. It was a beautiful spring morning. The temperature was quickly approaching 70 degrees. The sun was bright. On the way home, I thought about my "scheduled" run for the day and how I would have to complete it on the treadmill because it would be too late and dark to run outside by the time I could run.

And then I had a fantastic idea - I should have planned to get up when the alarm clock went off and run outside. It's funny how reality slips my mind sometimes. Even if just for a split second. I then remembered what I was doing when the alarm clock went off and I laughed and laughed at how easy it was for me to forget.

I'm not sure what time Em joined us in our bed but it was fairly early on. I do remember her elbowing me in the eye, which caused me to cry out. Rich shushed me and I wanted to say, "Don't shush me. You didn't just get punched in the eye," but I was half asleep and I fell back asleep before I could say it.

Em likes to sleep on my pillow and usually ends up sleeping at an angle with her feet in Rich's side. This doesn't leave much room for my head on the pillow so by morning, I had moved down in the bed and was sleeping curled up in the fetal position. I was also dreaming about the Jonas Brothers, which I find hysterical because I really don't know much about them. I don't know their names or any of their songs and in my dream, there were four of them although I think in real life there are only three of them.

So I ended up with three little munchkins awake fairly early so there was no outdoor run for Mommy but that's okay. I ran on the treadmill later that night after tucking them in and reading a billion stories to Allie.

As I was dropping Rich off at the station, he asked me if I was going to bring my camera to gymnastics. I was debating on whether or not I would. I told Rich that I didn't want to look like one of those moms. Here I was showing up at one of their last classes, dressed in a suit no less and then running out the door a bit early "for an important meeting." I didn't want to give off the wrong impression because if I could, I would go to all of their gymnastics classes.

The girls love their gymnastics class and I love seeing them have fun. I did bring the camera and I will post pictures if any of them are decent once I upload them onto my computer.


Anonymous said...

There are 4 Jonas Brothers but one is 10 and not in the band.

susanne13 said...

I often think of running in the morning - the humid air in the summer, the quiet of the streets...then I also laugh and realize I have a munchkin asleep with me for most of the night...maybe someday?!