Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gymboree Photo Shoot

As I sit here typing this, a beautiful weekend is coming to an end. The weather was fantastic, the girls were well behaved (for the most part) and Rich and I had a fun evening of socializing last night, which is a rarity for us. A "tax friend" invited my family over to his house for dinner and socializing (and swimming if you don't mind 63 degree water.) Another family, who I am friends with, was there as well.

We attended a similar outing last year and it was anything but relaxing for me and Rich. The girls needed to be watched constantly and needed help eating. We really couldn't take part in most of the adult conversations. Yes, I am admitting that my hands were full.

This year was a different story. My friend suggested throwing all of the kids down in the basement where the toys were. His oldest daughter is 13 years old and agreed to watch the girls. Can I tell you what a difference that made! And even when we brought them outside for dinner, it was so much more easier than last year.

Right before we left for the "party" the girls started posing for me so I snapped off as many pictures as possible. These are their safari clothes from Gymboree.

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Notice that they are holding hands.

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I cannot believe how big they are getting.

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In other exciting weekend news, Rich and I competed in a 5K road race this weekend. Stay tuned for a full race report (with a picture or two) sometime this week!


Pyjammy Pam said...


Meg said...

So adorable!! Unlike the two screaming redheads upstairs refusing to go to bed. :) Haha!

B said...

Holding hands just kill me. Great pics.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those pictures are too cute!! I love that they are holding hands. What a special bond your girls will always have. <#

Congratulations on completing the 5k race! Can't wait to hear more about it.

Anonymous said...

You are so truly blessed. Your girls are the cutest I have ever seen - just adorable. I love watching their bond grow as they do. Just magical!


TanyaMom23 said...

I read your blog often, but I am not sure I've ever commented. Sarah, your girls are so perfectly adorable and they are SO photogenic... and of-course you're a great photographer! I love the outfits, I have been stalking Gymboree's site for sales on that collection and just got an e-mail this morning! I want/need to shop for my kids for the next season, but I am always unsure of predicting sizes for future seasons and I'm afraid that I will end up with a bunch of stuff they'll never wear. You seem to have it down, any tricks?

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone :)

TanyaMom23 - I actually have a post planned that kind of talks about this. Hopefully this week, I'll get that up.