Thursday, May 13, 2010

Growing up

Have I mentioned that the girls' car seats are now front facing? I discussed it with their pediatrician during their three year check-up last month and he actually seemed to be a bit surprised that they were still rear facing. We talked about neck control and all that jazz and the next morning, without saying anything to me, Rich turned those suckers around. I do have to admit that car rides are more pleasant this way but I am still glad that we waited for as long as we did.

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A few months ago, we made an attempt to transition the girls to eating at their toddler table. It wasn't really working and there were meals where one or more of them would actually ask to sit in their high chairs as they were more comfortable there. Meals were also turning into an all day feeding festival. The girls thought that they could take a few bites, get up and play and then return for a few more bites, Yeah, no.

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We had purchased booster seats over the winter as we needed them for a few functions we were attending but we hadn't used them at home. Our dining room table isn't the greatest for toddlers but it looks like it will have to do. Meals are a bit easier to manage now.


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(Anna taking her medicine.)

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Oh yes, she was trying to clean up a stray piece of cereal.

And here she is trying to clean up a spot of milk on her bowl.

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Yeah, I thought she was going to spill it as well. Good save, Allie. Good save.

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Sara B said...

I <3 your blog - not sure how your head doesn't explode from the adorableness that surrounds you.

Could you tell me where you found those cool plates with the little compartments and the frog bowl?

apaprikao said...

Congratulations on keeping your girls RFing for so long! I too kept my daughter RFing until she was three. They are so much safer that way. Kudos!

erinlaughs said...

That's awesome you kept them rear facing until 3! I noticed once I turned mine around, there were a lot more snack requests.

I bought an oil cloth tablecloth for my dining room table and it was the best purchase ever. I feel like the table is more protected now.

Erin said...

Love the plates and that bib thingy Anna is wearing? Where did you get it? What is it called?! Lol. It looks like a wearable dishcloth! Love it!

Sarah said...

Sara - The plates are from Target. The froggie bowls are from Ikea, I think - they were a gift last year.

apaprikao - we seem to have a lot in common!

erinlaughs - I was thinking about getting a tablecloth as well. Grammy picked up some plastic placemats and those seem to be working out.

Erin - Those are towels - lol. One of Rich's mom's neighbors made those from towels. We have a brown one that we call "the fur coat."