Thursday, January 21, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes

I am working on a bit of a general update post but the girls are all sick now and it has been a bit crazy here. I think I made the comment the other night that it is almost like having newborns again. Yeah, that bad. So for now I will have to leave you with some funny comments from the girls.

Mommy: "Anna, did you just pinch her?"
Anna: "Nooooo, I squeezed her."

Em: "Come on, Allie. Let's fly the kite."
Allie: "No, I can't sweetie."

A, A or E: "What are you doing, Mommy?"
Mommy: "Putting on some make-up."
A, A or E: "You put it in your eye?"
Mommy: "No, sweetie, you put it around your eye."
A, A or E: "No, you put it in your eye."
Mommy: "Yup, sure. I'm putting it in my eye."


BreezieGirl said...

A, A, or E... haha, love it. :)

Angela said...

We once asked our son: Did you bite your cousin?

In all sincerity he answered: No. I chewed her.