Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Updates & Goings On

Ironically enough, my credit card statement (and bill, of course) arrived in the mail yesterday with a $78 credit from Gymboree. The credit was dated one month after the day I requested the price adjustment. Better late than never.

Dear Gymboree,

Please forgive me for any negative comments I've made about you in the past. I am addicted to your clothes (especially when they are on sale) and those of your sister store, Crazy 8. I may have to seek out couseling in order to control my shopping urges. Please stop adding adorable outfits to your website because my girls need all of them.

Okay, onto sleeping. We had seven nights in a row last week where the girls slept in their cribs all night. With two exceptions. There was one night when Rich and I both had to go into their room in the middle of the night and sit for about twenty minutes until they all fell back asleep. And then another night I brought Em downstairs at 4:00 in the morning and we both sleep until about 8:00 on the couch cushion bed. Both of her top molars are coming in. Sloooooooooowly. It seems like it is taking forever.

The girls seem to have cycled back to sleeping more like normal toddlers should. We are reinforcing some sleeping rules though. They are not allowed to sleep past 8:00 AM and we will wake them from their nap at 3:15 in the afternoon if they are still asleep. We had a few incidents of Allie sleeping until 9:00 in the morning and then taking a two and a half hour nap. She would then be awake until 11:00 PM that night because she was fully caught up on sleep.

And after watching Supernanny Friday night, I am admitting that we do have it fairly easy when it comes to triplets. I only watched part of the show but I have to say that my girls know that they have to hold our hands or walk next to us. There is no running off. And any time that we have eaten out at a restaurant, there have never been any tantrums or even fussing.

Well, we are still working on falling asleep without pitching a fit. No one is perfect!

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Tracy said...

Too funny, we also watched Super Nanny and I agree.... it doesn't have to be that hard!!!