Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let's talk about Santa.

I thought before this past weekend that the girls were a bit afraid of Santa. It turns out that Allie is TERRIFIED of him. Absolutely petrified. I keep seeing picture after picture on the internet of screaming, crying toddlers sitting with Santa. I just could not do that to the girls. I have even offered to go with them to sit with Santa but the always say, "NO."

I should back up a bit and tell you that we attended the annual family Christmas party for Rich's side of the family last weekend. Rich has twelve siblings and twenty-something nieces and nephews so most years, a hall is rented to accommodate everyone and everything. This year, Santa was scheduled to visit and hand out some presents.

The hall was a bit tight so this is the best I could with pictures.

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They are growing up so fast.

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Santa arrived shortly after dinner. At first sight, Allie jumped up into my arms. As Santa walked by, he touched Allie's arm. She was saying, "NO NO NO," and freaking out. She was borderline hysterical so I quickly removed her from the situation to calm her down.

Here's what happened when Santa called out her name when handing out gifts.

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And brave, little Anna.

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Anna taking her presents from Santa was just so adorable.

The girls were really well behaved and kept themselves entertained by running around with gift wrap ribbon and playing with some of their new toys. With each family party, I can see how life is easier. Outings don't feel as hectic or disorganized.

It may have been 'Santa shock' but Em and Anna wore these headbands from Auntie P for awhile.

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Keith and Jamie said...

So, cute...and they are rockin' those headbands...
Merry CHRISTmas!

Kelli said...

Cute! We also experienced Santa for the first time this year with iur 2.5 YO trips. As you can see from my blog I did make them sit with Santa!! One of my DD is apologetic as she tells us "I cried about Santa," now she will say "When I'm 3 I'll be happy to see Santa Claus!" Such a cute age, isn't it!