Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm going to have to buy three pairs of boots!

We had decided to not purchase winter/outdoor/waterproof boots for the girls for this winter after their lack of interest in playing outside in the snow a few weeks ago. Plus, I can't seem to find any in their size that I like. I know, who cares what they look like. And I'm not paying some ridiculous amount of money for them either.

The girls talked about playing out in the snow and making a snowman all of yesterday morning. After nap was a different story. I pulled out their snow pants and Allie started saying, "No, I don't want to." Rich went outside to finish shoveling and Anna was the only one who would agree to dress in her winter gear.

I have to admit to laughing hysterically while taking this photo. Anna was so stiff and could barely walk. There really is nothing cuter than a toddler in a snow suit.

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Much to my surprise Anna loved being outside in the snow.

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Em and Allie stood at the storm door and watched us from inside. After a few minutes, I went back up and asked them if they wanted to come out and play with us. Em did! So I bundled her up and we joined Anna outside.

It was extremely difficult for me to take any good pictures after Em was outside because the sun was setting. Those pictures of Anna were {gasp} photoshopped so it looks brighter than it really was. The sun starts sinking around 3:00 here and by 5:00 we are in darkness. This is Em and Anna telling Allie to come out. She was watching them from the door. You can see how the color is different because it was dusk.

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A few minutes later, Allie decided to join us! If you have never bundled up a toddler, let me tell you that it feels like it takes forever to dress them in all of the gear and then at the end, they can barely move.

The girls had a blast outside. Even after falling face first in the snow, Em didn't want to go inside to warm up. In fact, none of them wanted to go in even after it was too dark out to see much so I had to bribe them with a promise to turn on an episode of Caillou.

I don't know what the final snow fall total for our area was. It was very windy out and the snow was powder-like so it blew all over the place and drifted. The yard appears to have at least a foot. I'm glad that the girls enjoyed themselves as we really wanted them to play outside this winter inside of having to stay cooped up.


Anonymous said...

Here's some options:,1736G_Kamik-Snowkone-5-Winter-Boots-Waterproof-For-Kids-and-Youth.html

FrenznickFive said...

my girls snow boots are Oshkosh and they are absolutely adorable! my son's are Kamik and not so cute but still very warm :o) we bought all three at Marshall's(same as TJmax) and they were reg 32.00 and we found them for $20.00 each they have been great

kdliberty said...

Brings back memories!

Tips for buying snowboots. 1) some places are already starting to put them on clearance but only online. It will be even better after Christmas 2) size up. To make them fit apply multiple layers of socks and lace tight. My first pair of snow boots were 3+ sizes to big and I never did have a single problem. In fact I loved those boots. (I moved to Louisanna before I they ever actually fit!) 3) warmth before fashion. cold feet = cold unhappy child!

Merry Christmas- KD

Jayme said...

Oh that first picture is fantastic! Our Walmart had snowboots for $7 a pair in pink, purple, turquoise, brown and black.

JEN said...

I second the Marshall's link. I got super great toddler boots there for $15.

monica said...

How cute! I can only imagine doing full snow gear for a toddler x3!

Adriane said...

So cute!!!! Nothing better than toddlers in snowsuits - I agree. The girls look so adorable!

BTW, I just read your post from a couple of days ago about Gymboree. I love their stuff, but it is pricey at the full price. I buy lots of things ahead of time and then go back to the store to get the credit when they're on sale. They've honored it every time. I would call back about the stuff you bought and get your credit for sure! :-)

Anonymous said...

Adorable, as usual!
If you have a Sears near you, they carry Lands' End and I got my girls snow boots there for $15 each. They velcro tightly across the top which makes for easy on and off. And I am sure they will be even less than $15 after Christmas.
We still need mittens that can't be ripped off, if any of your posters have advice on those. :-)

Dale said...

Here is the blog address for the Christmas card I wrote you about. Just a cute idea for next year if your girls don't want to cooperate.

Have a wonderful Christmas - I'll be looking for more of your fabulous pictures !

Sarah said...

Thank you all for the boot suggestions. Looks like I have some shopping to do :)

And Dale - that is a great card!