Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Princess Ballerina Hair

Saturday afternoon after the girls' nap (and my nap) we decided to head over to Tar-jay as a family for a little shopping trip. As I've mentioned before, the girls {unfortunately} have my hair. They don't have much hair to begin with and the strands are extremely fine. My hair is fine but I have a lot of it which gives me hope that the girls' hair will fill in. Eventually. Their hair is also wavy/curly/messy and I find that it looks best in ponies or what I refer to as the princess ballerina look.

They looked just so darn cute before we left that I HAD to take some pictures.


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Allie & Em drawing on the frosty door

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Items to note: The girls can finally fit into size 2T pants IF and only IF they have an adjustable waist and the material is thick enough to stay cuffed. Those jeans are supposed to be skinny jeans too.

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I also have to note that I love how we have been able to purchase some of the girls' Christmas presents with them with us without them having any idea what is going on. Allie did spot the Little People airport that we picked up a few weeks ago and kept saying that she wanted to play with the "new Little People." She eventually dropped it.

Anna playing the piano after our shopping trip

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We have been keeping the gate to family room open more often now as the girls are mostly out of their exploratory phase and simply "play" in other parts of the downstairs. We usually keep their easel in the kitchen so they will draw there or with coloring books on the floor. They also enjoy pushing their doll strollers around. I still believe that silence equals trouble so I am quick to check on them if I don't hear playing going on.

I found Emily doing a lot of this over the weekend

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reanbean said...

My daughter has very fine, curly hair, but not enough to do anything with it at this point. Will have to try the princess ballerina look when the time comes.

Wendy said...

so cute! Love the ballerina twists. If I put piggies in M&Ls hair, they just yank the piggies out :(

Dale said...

My DIL uses a squirt(mist) bottle on her twins hair - makes it easier to handle and dries super quick. Your girls look precious with their piggies but then your girls ARE precious !!

Sarah said...

Dale - we use a squirt bottle too!