Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frosty the snowman

We had our first significant snowfall of the season this past Saturday night. The girls were intrigued and appeared to be excited at the prospect of a snow adventure.

Here's Anna attempting to wear Daddy's boots.

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I purchased snowpants for the girls last month on sale in anticipation of outdoor snow play time. Seeing as there was only two, maybe three, inches of snow on the ground, we decided to not use the snowpants. There was a slight dilemma in that the girls do not have any waterproof boots. They have boots but they are not waterproof and they were going to need to wear them that afternoon so I did not want them all wet. Rich and I went 'old school' and wrapped their sock covered feet in plastic (from shopping bags) and then slipped their sneakers on.

I know. I know. Their feet were probably freezing but I did not anticipate us being outdoors for very long.

There was some wrangling in order to convince all three of them that they needed to winter jackets. And how lucky are we that Auntie Joan gave the girls these jackets last spring. Her friend works for a department store and helps her out with end of season sale items. One of the original price tags said $58. You can multiply that by 3.

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The girls refused to wear hats and mittens and Allie whined, "Clean it off," what she stumbled and ended up with snow all over her hands and legs.

Em with unkempt hair.

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Anna unsure of the snow.

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Rich pulled together the world's fastest snowman for the girls. Allie announced that we needed a carrot for his nose. We didn't have carrots, stones, twigs or energy so he remained a bare snowman.

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And as I suspected, we were outside for all of ten minutes. Let's just say that I did not hear any protests when I said it was time to go in.


CJ said...

SNow is Awesome!!

Hilary Surratt said...

Oh wow! That is a good bit of snow! We live in SC and there is NEVER any snow, when it gets 60 degrees outside, everyone is dressed like your girls were in the snow. We like it warm in the south. haha.

Beautiful Pictures! What state do yall live in that got so much snow!?!?!

Sarah said...

We are in New England - and that snowfall was nothing for us!!

katy said...

the boots, the snow jackets, it's just too much cute to handle! your girls are beyond beautiful!

Berg said...

I love the picture with the boots!