Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tomorrow is a new day.

My problem is that I am a planner. I like to have every detail of my life planned out in advance in my mind. I also believe that if something is making you unhappy, then you should fix it. Make a change for the better.

Lately, I've been trying hard to be optimistic and when I have a bad day, as I did yesterday, I try to push it aside and think about a fresh start tomorrow. Unfortunately, some of the underlying issues that caused my bad day will be waiting for me Monday morning. And there is no short term solution to fix what is not making me happy so I start planning for the future and I hate doing that because I am wishing time away. Every day I look at the girls and I know that they are only going to be this age once. I wish I could fully enjoy it.

Rich took care of the girls this morning while I went back to bed. Well, not back to bed because that's not where I spent most of my night but to bed. Five hours of deep uninterrupted sleep.

Anna is still sick. I can't tell if she's feverish and she won't let me take her temperature. We gave her Motrin this morning and did not feel warm until tonight so we gave her another dose. She's been whiny and clingy and cranky and you can tell that she is sick by looking at her eyes. Multiple times today she told me that both her tummy and her teeth hurt. She has never said that head hurts so we still do not think that it is her shunt. Rich and I both agreed that if we do not see any improvement tomorrow, she will be going to the doctor on Monday.

And this afternoon, Allie started acting a bit off. Rich said that she didn't each much for lunch either.

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Anna, Allie, Em after nap.


Crista said...

When I first looked at the picture, before I read who was who, I knew the left kiddo was Anna with her sick eyes, and I was thinking the one in the middle didn't look too hot, either. I'm sorry I was right about that.

You are an awesome mom for realizing that these moments are only here once and wanting to take advantage of every single one. But I think that sometimes you need to take some time for Mama to be able to enjoy those times with the girls. It's ok to yell and cry and scream every once in awhile. It does a body good :).

Jen said...

With her saying her teeth hurt, do you think it's her ears? My kids are currently passing around something that seems like what your girls have. A day or so of high fever, irritated/goopy eyes, cough, runny nose, fatigue, stomach upset, and a bonus ear infection for one of my crew. I'm glad the fever was short-lived, but the rest of it is hanging on. I think my "baby" is going to be sick for her 3rd birthday on Tuesday.

I hope your cuties feel better! I hope you'll post an update on Anna if you end up taking her to the doctor.

Bethany said...

I hope the girls feel better soon! Their eyes look so sad :(

The Beers Family said...

Have you thought about an ear thermometer? I know they say they are not overly accurate but we found it much more accurate than the under arm with Alex fighting us every time we tried to do it - and much faster too - about 2-3 seconds and DONE!!!