Sunday, November 8, 2009

On being a mommy to girls.

*Note that these pictures were taken over the past week where several illnesses and general toddler grievances have occurred.*

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I know that it is easy to look back and say this now but I always knew in my heart that I would be a mommy to girls. I wouldn't know what to do with boys. I love that my girls are now into dress-up and princesses and tutus.

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Allie is extremely creative and prefers to use pajamas to create new, exciting outfits in the world of toddler design.

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No one knows what she is supposed to be but it is very amusing all the same.

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Last year at Christmas, the girls were gifted a Barbie set which included a doll, a horse and some other items. We had to store it away as they were still a bit too young for it and all the small pieces. Rich brought it upstairs tonight and surprised the girls with the Barbie doll, the horse and a brush for the doll's hair. I made sure to remove any and all small pieces from the doll.

The girls were fascinated with it and although they didn't really fight over it, they all took turns playing. Emily really enjoyed the new toys. As I was attempting to quickly eat my dinner in the kitchen, I kept hearing Em say, "Oh no Barbie, don't fall off." As the girls were climbing up the stairs for bedtime tonight, Em waved into the family room and called out, "Good night, Barbie. Good night, horsey." It was just so adorable.

I have added two more Barbie dolls to their Christmas list. Can you believe that I have already started shopping? So unlike me. I'll have to save that for an upcoming post as I am signing off for the night now.


Deanna said...

I always knew I would have girls, too. I can't even imagine my life with boys!

Hope's Mama said...

I hope I get that chance again, I really do.

Sara said...

I love having girls!

Momma Z said...

I have a boy and wouldn't know what to do with girls. I think my friend would laugh at me. Your girls are SO cute!!

Cassie said...

Well, I look at your pictures and I have to admit I have a small twinge of jealousy. Their adorable clothes, anything pink and purple, tutu's, doll houses! I love it all.

I NEVER imagined being a mommy to all Of course I love it and they are the sweetest boys in the world!

But, I want tu tus...and purple stuff....

TanyaMom23 said...

Being a mom to one Boy and Identical twin girls, I can't imagine life without either! My son is so affectionate, he's hilarious and full of energy. The girls are just the sweetest, so "girly" already, even though they are just babies!