Monday, November 9, 2009

Sleeping & Voting

So I'll have to pass on my post tonight about yesterday seeing as my children refuse to sleep as normal children should. I think I may have slept for four hours last night. That would be on the high end of the estimate too.

We have had two really bad nights with Allie and there is still no sign of teeth. I did spot a noby-duby in Em's mouth which hopefully will turn into a real tooth. Finally. The best part of last night was that Em actually slept in her crib the entire night. It's been at least three weeks since that has happened. I gave the girls each a little bowl with about six baby M&Ms tonight after dinner and told them that if they stay in their cribs all night tonight, they can have the same tomorrow. (Since Allie usually stays in her crib, this is really for Em.)

I should note that although Em stayed in her crib that doesn't mean that I didn't have to go in there once or twice or freak out wondering where we would sleep if she did want out seeing as Allie and Daddy had taken over the couch cushion bed. (I'm so tired I don't know if that sentence even makes sense.)

Onto the voting - I entered this photo

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into a Halloween photo contest over at Multiples & More. I usually don't enter into these contests but I couldn't resist. I just love this picture. We made it to the top 40 which is now being narrowed down to the top 20. I would appreciate a vote from you!

Voting is super simple - all you do is click here to go the Multiples & More. The voting is on the sidebar - the girls are #37!

Thank you in advance!

I have a ton of adorable photos to share this week. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

That IS super cute! How do you get them to all smile at once?! I voted.

first2go said...
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darcy'smommy said...

My vote is in! Great picture girls! Good luck! And I hope you get more sleep soon!