Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunday snapshots & sickness

(Hopefully this doesn't become a weekly post title.)

I am hesistant to report that the girls are back to normal. Anna managed to sleep well past 8:00 on Sunday morning, which I think helped in her recovery. Sunday night, I noticed a rash around her waist. I assumed that it was from wearing jeans all weekend. It looked as if her diaper had rubbed against her skin too much. Well, Grammy emailed me and Rich yesterday while we were working to ask about Anna's rash because it had spread up her tummy.

Last night, the rash was all over her tummy but seemed to be concentrated around "heat areas" such as her armpits. I dumped Amens powder all over her and this morning the rash was just about gone. Who knows what that was all about. I should note that it wasn't a bad rash either and that over the summer, she had a rash on and off. I need to do some research because I am almost positive that I read something about skin sensitivity and spina bifida awhile back.

Allie is still a wee bit fussy and not sleeping in her crib all night which doesn't concern me because outside of being sick and teething she loves to sleep and will stay in her crib. Em has stayed in her crib for two nights in a row now. I made a big production in handing out the little bowls of mini M&Ms tonight. Let's hope that my bribes continue to be successful.

Here are some pictures from Sunday morning. We did have some outdoor play time Sunday afternoon where I took million more pictures. I'll post those at some point this week.

Anna - (she hadn't been awake for long and her eyes were still a bit puffy)

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Allie - (I think she said she was being witch)

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Em - (I love how she is wearing one Snoopy sock)

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B said...

Beautiful, as always.

kdliberty said...

Great Pictures!

People with SB do tend to have sensitive skin.The also tend to have nasty allergies (especially latex) which manifest themselves in weird ways...

kbreints said...

Oh your girls are darling :) I hope that the sickness passes quick and you can resume normal chaos!

Noelle said...

I can't get over how beautiful your girls are! Every time you post a picture it just makes me smile!

Kelli said...

Just voted for your Halloween picture- so cute! Have to share a cute comment one of my girls made while we were looking at your blog- (I also have 2.5 year old trips) she says "there's my friends!" I asked her how she knew them and she said "from trick or treating, Mommy!"

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Kelli - I totally LOL'ed at yours!