Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today's post

The girls slept in their cribs until 6:30 this morning. Em was awake bright and early and woke up Anna. Allie slept until 8:00 - I wonder who she takes after. Someone (I think Anna) kept crying out in her sleep and waking me every hour on the hour. I'll take that over sleeping downstairs with Em every night. I was so afraid that we had feed into her bad habit. {mini sigh of relief}

Today was my day to post over at How Do You Do It? You can click here for a direct link to my post.

And I just realized today that the Halloween Photo Contest at Multiples and More allows one vote per computer per day! No wonder why I'm behind. If you are in the mood to pop over and give us another vote, I would appreciate it. The girls are #8. Just scroll down and vote in the poll on the sidebar. Voting for this round ends later on Monday.

I'll be back tomorrow. I need to post about our exciting trip to LL Bean and Bugaboo Creek.

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Lee Anne said...

Oh wow, that is great they slept in their cribs! I have one that also cries out when his sleep cycles are changing. I have kind of gotten used to it I guess but they are almost 3 now.