Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Saturday Evening

Rich and I both needed new winter coats. Warm winter coats. We found ones that seemed decent (and warm) in an LL Bean catalog that somehow made its way into our home. Seeing as I have to try on everything now, we headed off to one of their stores after the girls' nap yesterday afternoon.

We decided to allow the girls to walk into the store. Big girls. No strollers. Only because we knew exactly what we were looking for. They LOVED it. It wasn't too bad - no one took off running but there was some wandering. While I was trying on coats, I noticed an older gentlemen rocking in one of the store chairs while he waited for his wife. He seemed amused just sitting there watching the girls. As they were leaving, he approached us and said, "They can't always be this well behaved." Why, yes they are.

Our next stop was Bugaboo Creek for dinner. This was a first time visit for all of us. We had heard that it was good for kids so we thought that the girls may enjoy it. Let's just say that we were not overly impressed. Service was pretty lousy and the girls hated the chocolate milk. I took a sip after Em kept coughing and agreed that it had a funny taste. The talking bison was fairly amusing. Anna was afraid of it and both she and Em would jump when it would start to talk.

So now let's discuss all the comments were received at Bugaboo. As we were waiting for our table to be set up, this young girl (maybe eight years old) came in with her grandmother (I think.) The girl walked up to my girls and asked, "Are they triplets?" Why, yes they are. She then said, "They look identical." Why, yes they are. Her response was hysterical (to me, anyway.) She replied, "My friend told me that you can't have identical triplets." I told her that she could tell her friend that she saw real live identical triplets!

Then the grandmother asked me if they used different hands because with twins you always have a righty and a lefty. Ahhhh, no you don't. So I explained that Anna usually uses her left hand while Allie and Em tend to be right-handed. But I have seen Allie use her left hand too. I didn't want to get into the whole mirror image twin thing so I just let it go.

There was another older woman who approached our table on her way out. She was very polite and said, "I just want to tell you that you have beautiful family. They are doing so well." That was due to the girls' awesome behavior. They sat patiently in their chairs, never fussed, never cried, never whined. Now let's talk about the five year old (or close to five years old) boy sitting at a table next to us. Our table was next to a fireplace sort of in the middle of the floor. The girls were already in their chairs and I was busy distributing crayons. There were these things (which I thought at first were just long sticks) hanging over our table from the fireplace area. Well, of a sudden they started tipping and falling onto our table. It was a basket full of freaking fishing poles and this kid was over there messing with them. I was already standing when it happened so I grabbed them while saying, "Hey, HEY." Can you believe that the father didn't even apologize? All he did was say to the kid, "I told you not to touch those." Which explains why they were hanging over our table to begin with.

I watched this family while we waited for our food. The boy was so undisciplined and the mother just sat there doing nothing. She looked a bit stuck up if you ask me. Meanwhile the kid knocked over his chair, refused to stay in his chair, threw his fork full of food onto the floor. Eeesh, no wonder why people are always commenting on how well behaved the girls are.

Okay, I have a million pictures to post this week. The girls have been extremely entertaining posing in their tutus and princess crowns.

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Helen said...

I am LOL at your conversation with the 8 year old and her grandmother! I've never heard anyone claim you have to have a righty and lefty twin. I have had my fair share of "identical triplets aren't possible" or "I didn't know that was even possible!" to which I of course say, I didn't either until it happened to me.

Wendy said...

Ugh, what a beast that five year old was! I'm often times surprised at the behavior of singles as compared to multiples. Of course your girls were well behaved! They are little ladies.