Friday, November 13, 2009

Some random cuteness

I think the girls are over whatever illness they had. And oddly enough, we thought that all three of them had both of their bottom two year molars but it was discovered by Grammy the other evening that Allie only has one. Hmmmm. I wonder if this was contributing to her sleeping issues as she usually is a great sleeper.

And last night was the first night in at least a month that all three girls slept in their cribs all night. Em has been sleeping in her crib since Sunday night. I think the M&M bribe is working! I do need to add that she has been waking up right before 6:00 AM. Yes. Ouch. It is painful.

The girls have been saying some really cute stuff lately. Allie has started saying, "I don't think so," and Anna is now saying it as well. They don't say it like an obnoxious twelve year old but just like a little kid who doesn't know the answer.

The girls like when I tell them made up stories so we've been talking about what it is going to be like when they go to school. Everytime we have this discussion Allie asks, "Who is going to put on our shoes?"

Here's a picture from a frosty morning...

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And Allie. My princess.

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Goddess in Progress said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of Allie is so great! OK, well, they're ALL great. But still. :-)

With regard to wake up times, we've had great success over the last few weeks with the Good Nite Lite ( My kids love it, and it has led to much more consistent wake-ups (and less negotiating if they wake up early and I tell them they can't get up yet).