Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some cute getting older/bigger/more independent comments

One of the girls' most recent demands is to be allowed to pick. And it is usually in regards to hair accessories and cereal. Don't ask me why it is only hair accessories and cereal but it is.

Telling them that I need to comb their hair (and it appears that they, unfortunately, have inherited my hair) is met with a chorus of "I want to pick I want to pick a barrette I want to pick I want to pick a pony I want to pick pick pick pick...." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And they won't just nicely pick out one barrette from our handy storage container. Oh no, they must rummage through all of them, spilling a few on the floor, and then insist that they hold onto the barrette. FOREVER. Even when I need it to finish the hairstyle. And half of the time, they start gnawing on the barrette.

As for the cereal, I think it is an independence thing. They feel like big girls because they can reach the shelf in the pantry that stores our cereal boxes. They then insist on carrying their picked out boxes to the counter. And yes, if two want the same kind of cereal there is usually a fight over carrying the box.

I do not let them pick out their own clothes as we clearly don't have time for that and their closet is not geared toward them being able to reach everything. When I do dress them differently, I usually have in mind who is going to wear what. Sometimes, they want different from what I have picked out for them and I will make adjustments. Or I'll place the three outfits out on the couch and ask them who wants to wear which one.

Cute, random update: Grammy told me that the other day Emily had spun herself into dizziness while playing. She collapsed onto the floor and said, "Grammy, what's happening to me?"

Another cute, random update: The girls love to wrap blankets around themselves and pretend to be different things. Allie had one wrapped around her body and another one on the top of her head. Em said to her, "That's weird, Allie. What you being like?" Allie responded with, "A princess."

I'll leave you with some pictures exampling why I have yet to really decorate our house.

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This is Allie. She isn't screaming or yelling or crying - it's more like a fake funny scream that she does while playing.

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I made those curtains pre-baby and now they come in handy as a form of entertainment for the girls that I named Let's wrap ourselves up into the curtain and pull on it and hope it doesn't fall down.

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And do you see my lovely cabinet there on the left? That's already been drawn on and covered in stickers.

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