Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I want an M&M.

Potty training has officially begun.

Rich and I have been fairly lazy up until this point with potty training. I honestly did not see the point in pushing it especially when we are not the ones caring for the girls during the day. Imagine if I told Grammy that, in addition to everything else she does, she is going to have to add cleaning up pee and poop accidents to the list.

Grammy has a cousin who runs an in-home day care. She told Grammy that she doesn't start/deal with potty training until her charges are two and a half years old. We introduced potty training about nine months ago but the girls really just didn't understand it. They were excited to sit on the Elmo potty seat and they had the lingo down pat but that was about as far as we made it.

This new round all started with me putting Em on the potty first thing in the morning after I noticed that she had managed to go through the night with a completely dry diaper. And then came Allie. I'm using bribery for our potty training as well. I hijacked a bag of those tiny M&Ms from Grammy and promised one for every peeps on the potty. And I'm serious with the M&M distribution - no M&Ms for trying. It needs to be the real deal.

This is really sad but I can't even remember the exact chain of events but it was Saturday morning and things were a bit crazed and rushed around here as Rich and I were attending the funeral for his aunt. I think Allie was the first one to do peeps and she promptly received her M&M. Well, Em had been trying and desperately wanted one. And then there is Anna, who really can't be potty trained and it would be unfair to not include her somehow. So upon Rich's suggestion, I immediately updated the rules. Peeps on the potty = 2 mini M&Ms. Sisters each receive a congratulatory M&M (if they are around.)

I do have to tell you a cute story from Monday morning. Allie woke up before we left for work so onto the little froggy potty she went. And she did her peeps right away. She was so excited - it was the cutest thing. She was running around the house, clapping her hands and yelling, "Yay." She even went over to the dinosaur stuffed animal (that has joined Elmo as a beloved lovey) and told him that she had done peeps on the potty.

The downside to potty training: Emily insisting on using the potty at 4:12 this morning because, you guessed it, we were sleeping on our couch cushion bed together. She went right away so I did feel bad for just trying to change her diaper.

We'll get there. Eventually.


Meg said...

We're also in the midst of this. Not much more to say about it other than we've got two froggy potties and a huge bag of M&M's... which currently is being eaten by my husband who exclaimed after I gave him a look, "But I went on the potty today! Lots of times!! Don't I get a treat too?"


Hayley said...

My son is 2 1/2 and isn't even interested! Even with sugary bribes! That kid is out to kill me.

Found your blog through Multiples. Cute girls!

Twincerely,Olga said...

aww! They are so cute! I remember mime getting it right away but only when They were ready!!!Stop by

Feris said...

Hy Sarah!
You have no idea how much I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your amazing pictures :)
Your girls are soooo sweet and I just love how the clothes they wear, they look so beautiful always :)

I have a question about Anna, until what age are you going to have to cathetherise (sp?) her? Is it a life time thing or will she eventually will go by herself?

I have a three year old cousin (who weight only 1256 grms when she was born) who is having a lot of kidney and bladder issues and the last one is that the bladder is not contracting... Long story short, the doctors think she will have to be cathetherised (again sp?) until they found a solution to this problem.

I know I made a really personal answer so answer it only if you feel like it, ok.

Again love you blog and love your sweet little girlies

Kelli said...

Love your blog- found you through TC and our kids are the same age. We, too, are potty training- only 1 interested here though...and somehow she has mastered the squeezing out a few drops every 10 minutes to get more treats:) She'll probably weigh 50 pounds by Christmas!

Taryn said...

When we first started with potty training and the kids were just learning to sit on the potty, my son actually peed. Well, not expecting it, there was no guard on the potty yet and he wizzed all over his sister who was standing in front of him. Neither one of them would anything to do with the potties for at least 6 months after that. They were a little late in getting trained after all of that.

Noelle said...

Your girls are ADORABLE!!! And you are one talented photographer!

I found your blog through Multiples and More. I'll be back!

Aimee said...

Stopped by through M & M and LOVE the blog and pictures, you have a beautiful family!

Cassie said...


Potty training is one of those things that happens when the kids are ready. It sounds like your girls are ready and I bet it will be a peice a cake for you! We also introduced the potty a while back and they get it. But they just arent ready! Im hoping by 2.5 we are able to get a little more serious about it too! Oh and we have the froggie pottys also! They seem to be popular :)

Sarah said...

Feris - we do cath Anna and have been since she was about 18 months old. They tell us that she will always be this way but we like to keep an open mind about the future. She has been able to do some poop on the potty so at least she doesn't feel left out. Sorry to hear about your cousin.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by from Multiples & More.